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Offton & Willisham PC

"Will you not revive us again,
that your people may rejoice in you?" Psalm 85, v.6Dear Reader,
There is rejoicing, linked with national honour, that comes with success in sport - tennis or soccer, rugby or cricket. As to which nation of the British Isles, and which sport - I have to keep an open mind as I've just come back from staying with family in Wales. Sport and recreation telescope our sense of time: the joy of play brings us back with renewed Recently though, for several members of my very extensive family, it has been difficult to adjust to doing nothing at all.

Not old, they expect to earn their way, keep house, tidy the garden, do their share of driving, fetching and carrying. 'This year, next year, sometime...' they are going to get better; meantime worst of all is the frustration of depending on other people. These are do-ers. Asking someone just to 'be' and not to 'do' is to question the purpose of their existence.

Were we put on this earth just to achieve and to keep busy?

Are we not loved as we are? Jesus loves me 'just as I am'.

On such love I rest. I don't claim attention for any merit or achievement now or ever, because I cannot be loved more than I am already. God accepts us through the merits and death of His Son.

It is good just to 'be'. Abiding with God in the present, this is life-giving, not fretting about how things will work out in the future. Rest, whether enforced or chosen, gives us the much-needed opportunity to receive from Him; He refreshes us spiritually as well as reviving us physically in due time.

May God be with you, whatever the successes and failings,

From the registers:
Farewell to
Philip James Jarrold, of Great Blakenham, whose ashes were interred in Somersham churchyard on May 10th.We extend our sympathy to his widow, Grace, and his wider family and friends.
May he rest in peace


It was with regret that we accepted the resignation of Pip Sands from the Benefice choir after at least 20 years of service. We have all been encouraged by his ability and skills, and greatly enjoyed the times when he has taken on special roles in our musical productions.
Thank you, Pip, for your voice and company. We will miss you. Now you can sit back and listen to others, and maybe hum along with them?


As we say “Thank you, goodbye, and keep in touch” to Lucy Vignoles, we welcome Judith Newman who has bravely stepped into the breach and is editing this edition. We hope she will not find it too daunting and will become a permanent member of the team. Thank you, Judith.

Somersham Primary School
When we first thought about this month it seemed there was not an awful lot to report. Then we read the diary for June/July!
As we sure you can appreciate as the time this piece is being written, none of the following has happened but here is what we are going to be up to....

A short course of golf is going to be held on the field after school on Wednesdays, so we thank the people next to the Water Park who are running it. My apologies to this group who I can't for the life of me remember what they are called but you all know who I mean.
We have a science workshop run by Shell. This will include the whole school in different groups. Sounds interesting.
Class 2 have a pirate week coming up. There will be lots of activities around this subject including special pottery lessons, where again the whole school will be involved.
Class 4 are welcoming the new intake children for a session in the classroom. The children will be able to start becoming familiar with their new surrounding, having a play and getting to know the adults who will be looking after them.

We are joining in with the British Heart Foundation 'Skippathon." This will be a sponsored event. We feel it is of great importance that the children help other people during the school year and this is one of two sponsored events this term, the other being Shades for a Day. An event that has become a custom at Somersham.
Class 2 are visiting Duxford as part of their World War II project. This project never fails to capture the children’s attention and many of them bring in items from grandparents.
Year 6 are on various trips. A rounders tournament with the pyramid schools, 2 day trips to Claydon High and the annual treat to Solar Bowl for breakfast and a game are all on the menu. They will also be preparing for their leaver's assembly.
Sam and Frazer are joining us for their work experience for two weeks will be roped in to help with an Active 8 day run by Ipswich Town F.C. Obviously they are going to need their trainers that day! While the boys are with us we will be having out class swop session, where all the children spend time in their "from September" classroom.
 We then move onto the last week of the school year when we have sports day practice, sports day itself (we think Mrs. Chinnery will probably be excused from running up and down the track this year) Leaver's assembly and of course the Leavers’ Disco.
 Heck, we will need a holiday after that lot.

And of course, good luck to all the Year Sixes, who are all on the next big step of their journey through life.  Have a great time, behave yourselves and grasp all those opportunities which will come your way.

As another school year rapidly draws to a close, we hope that those of you that attended the school fete on 24th June, had a very enjoyable afternoon and we are sure that some of you were delighted to win some of the excellent prizes that were so kindly donated. Our sincere thanks must be extended to the many people that so kindly helped us before the event and also on the day. Without your help we would not be able to hold such an event. We will provide you with details of the total raised in the next Link magazine.
We are now making plans for the end of year disco at the end of July, when we say farewell to the year six pupils.

Prior to the school holidays, we would like to remind everyone that we will once again be having a Scarecrow Festival in the village on the weekend of Saturday and Sunday 16th & 17th September 2006, 1- 4 p.m. After such a fantastic response last year, we hope that as many of you as possible will join in with this fun weekend. There is no such theme to the Festival so you are all able to use your extensive artistic talents in making your scarecrows. However, if you wish to join in, PLEASE can you contact Jenny King on (01473) 830623 by Tuesday 12th September at the latest so that the location of your scarecrow(s) can be included in the programme. This year, the scarecrows will be judged and there will be a large hamper for first prize.
If you do not live in Somersham, but would like to join in, we can make arrangements to display your scarecrows at the school where refreshments will be available.

Somersham Baptist Church

What no Church!
On Sunday 2nd July we are not meeting in Somersham. We have an Away Day at Wetheringsett Manor with worship and word in the morning then a relaxing afternoon in the Manor grounds. Please contact Mark if you would like to join us.

Youth Sunday 9th July
Our annual invasion of teenagers from a Felixstowe church provides a great opportunity to focus on young people. If you’re young and thought about try out Christianity, this will be a good introduction.

Fantasy Football 2006/07 season. This has been running for a few years now and involves a group of enthusiasts in friendly competition. This is an internet based game, with a real life auction on July 10th at 7.45pm, and transfer nights through the season. We are hoping to present the Fantasy World Cup Winner with their trophy on the 10th. For details of costs contact or

Regular Sunday Morning Programme (You are welcome to join us for all or part of the morning).
10.00-10.30 Prayer Meeting
10.45-11.15 Bible Study (Communion 1st Sunday)
11.30-12.00 Worship
12.00-12.30 Sermon

Other Meetings
Children and Young People (During term time);
Wednesday Club 6.30-7.30pm for primary school children,
14+ Friday’s 8.00-9.30pm Year 9 upwards.
Meetings for Ladies;
Women’s Fellowship 2.30pm 9th June.
Friends and Neighbours 17th July 7.45pm Local Politics - why bother? Talk by Dave Cooper. You are very welcome to join us!
All events are held at the Baptist Chapel, Chapel Lane, Somersham.


Pastor Mark Newcombe 01473 831940 Mobile 07930 543583. e-mail
Colin Low 01473 464833 or Edwin Mayhew on 01473 658100. Web site

Offton Church Notes

There are no social church events planned for July and August but we hope that you will all enjoy these summer months. Services in church will be as usual in July, and for August please look at the back of Link.

You may like to make a note of these dates in September on your calender.
Friday 8th at 7.30pm --Church Supper
Saturday 9th--- SHCT Cycle Ride
Sunday 10th at 5pm--- Harvest Festival
Saturday 30th at 7.30pm ---Annual Whist Drive 
For further details on these contact either Ian on 658637 or Paul on 01449 721181
In next months issue of the Link we will be able to give you the result of the Offton Fete versus Paraguay match!
Thank you!
Helen Decker (nee Martin) thanks all who sponsored her run in the London Marathon. You donated a total of £360 for the St. Elizabeth Hospice. She hopes to run again next year-watch here for details.


Cllr. Chris Storey was reappointed as Chairman for the year ahead. The Parishes are fortunate in being represented by Councillors who maintain a long term commitment, resignations very rarely occur.The Parish Meeting enjoyed a talk by Ms Brinkley from MSDC about 'Affordable Housing', but it seems improbable that such houses, involving rental or shared equity status would be considered for our Parishes because they lack the required local infrastructure.Accounts for the year ending March 2006 were accepted by the Council and are now being presented for Audit.

Date for the next meeting is July 10th.

Pip Sands tel 01449 721173
Clerk to the Council

Somersham Parish Council

July 2006

Forthcoming Parish Council Meetings
Wednesday 5th July 2006 - 7.30pm - Playing Field Pavilion
Wednesday 6th September – 7.30pm – Committee Room, Village Hall
Wednesday 4th October – 7.30pm - Playing Field Pavilion

New Parish Councillor

Councillors were delighted to welcome Geoff Kelly as a co-opted member to the Parish Council. Geoff moved to Somersham a short while ago and works at the Port of Felixstowe. He is keen to become involved in the life of the community and we are sure he will prove to be an active and valuable member of the Council.

Risk Assessment Policy
The Parish Council has adopted a Risk Assessment Policy under which all parish council activities will be assessed for risks. The objectives of the policy are to identify things which may cause harm to colleague or others, or which may cause the council to suffer a financial loss, to consider the chance of that harm and to enable the council to plan, introduce and monitor preventative measures to ensure that risks can be controlled. Each time a councillor or the clerk undertakes business on behalf of the council the activity will be assessed by the completion of a Risk Assessment Form and a register kept

Emergency Plan
Parish Councils are being encouraged to formulate an Emergency Plan for their community in line with Emergency Plans produced by the higher tiers in local government. Somersham Parish Council is working on the production of a plan which will identify resources available, co-ordinate communication and transport options and assist vulnerable people in the event of an emergency in the village.

Energy Saving Advice

The Energy Saving Trust Advice Centre Anglia is government funded to provide free and impartial energy saving advice to householders to reduce carbon emissions that cause climate change and save money on fuel bills. For further information please call free on 0800 512 012, or email Anglian Energy Services is a non-profit making organisation managed and operated by Peterborough Environment City AES (a registered charity). For every individual who switches to AES £30 will be donated to the parish council to spend on local initiatives. They will also assist residents to access funding to insulate their homes. Please contact 0800 783 4761, or visit

The 2005/6 Audit of Accounts
The audit the parish council accounts for the financial year 2005/6 is currently taking place. Electors have the opportunity to inspect and make copies of the Annual Return and all books, deeds, contracts, bills, vouchers and receipts for the year ended 31st March. These documents will be available on reasonable notice of application to the Clerk between the hours of 10.00am – 6.00pm Monday to Friday from 13th June to 11th July 2006. The audit is being carried out by Lubbock Fine of Russell Bedford House, 250 City Road, London, EC1V 2QQ and questions can be made to the auditor after the 14 July 20906.

Somersham Hedgerow Survey
A small team is undertaking the hedgerow survey in Somersham this summer. The survey began some years ago, but unfortunately ceased when the former team of volunteers were unable to carry on. The co-ordinator of the new team would appreciate a few more offers from volunteers who can assist in getting the hedgerow survey completed this year. The work is enjoyable and can be undertaken at your convenience. Please contact the Clerk initially who will be pleased to pass on details.

School Organisation Review
The County Council has launched a major review of the way schools are organised within Suffolk. A Policy Development Panel is leading the review and the Panel is keen to receive the views of parents, key partners and the wider public. Consultation forms have been produced and are available from all Suffolk libraries or the County Council website. Forms can also be found in the next issue of About Suffolk, the County Council’s newspaper. The consultation period ends of the 15th August.

Janet Clarke
Clerk to the Council

Tel. No. 01473 830398 E-mail:

CHURCH SERVICES in our 8 linked parishes

If you think there may be a mistake in the rota please contact your Churchwarden.

2 July 3rd Sunday after Trinity

Holy Communion

9.30am Willisham
Morning Prayer 10.00am Bricett
Holy Communion 11.15am Somersham
Morning Prayer 11.15am Battisford
Evening Prayer 3.00pm Barking
Holy Communion 6.30pm Flowton

9 July 4th Sunday after Trinity

Holy Communion 8.00am Flowton
Songs of Praise 10.00 am Somersham
Holy Communion 10.00am Bricett
Holy Communion with Baptism 11.15am Barking
Family Service 11.15am Battisford
Evening Prayer 3.00pm Willisham
Songs of Praise 6.30pm Offton

16 July 5th Sunday after Trinity

Holy Communion 8.00am Somersham
Family Service +Communion by ext. 10.00am Offton
Family Service 10.00am Ringshall
Holy Communion 11.15am Battisford
Evening Prayer 6.00 pm Flowton

23 July 6th Sunday after Trinity

Holy Communion 9.30am Ringshall
Morning Worship 10.00am Flowton
Holy Communion 11.00am Offton
Morning Prayer 11.15am Barking
Evening Prayer 6.30pm Somersham

30 July 7th Sunday after Trinity

Eight Parishes' Family Communion & Picnic

11.00am Offton

From: PC David Clark
Community Beat Officer
Tel: 01473 613500


Notes From
Your Community Police Officer- PC 466 Dave Clark

Hello again,
One of the most despicable crimes involves Rogue Traders.

In simple terms, Rogue Traders are involved in criminal deception, they pray on the elderly and the vulnerable. But they also target trusting people of all ages. They can be difficult to spot and will arrive on your doorstep uninvited and suddenly.

Their aim is to ridiculously overcharge you for the least work (totally shoddy or unnecessary) that they do or do not carry out. They may just demand a deposit for materials and you will never see them again.
They will bully you and even escort you to the Bank to get you to give them cash.
* We just happen to be in the area and have noticed your….”
* We have been laying a drive up the road and have some tarmac left over…”
These are just a couple of the ploys they will use to get you to agree to the work.

Make it an absolute policy NEVER to buy anything at the door, this includes having any roofing, building, driveways laid, gardening, and tree trimming - however urgent they tell you it is!Crimes of note:
Offton – 28th May – car broken into wallet and other items stolen
Somersham – 19th May – theft of car rims and tyres from garden

If you have any information or would like any advice on police matters I would be more than happy to discuss this with you. I can be contacted at Stowmarket Police station on 01473 613500 or by email As previously Pc Sally Parkes will be my deputy – she can also be contacted on the above telephone number or Please remember that there are occasions when I am on rest days for 4 days so if your call is of an urgent nature please ask to speak to an officer on duty.
Thanks very much.

PC 466 Dave Clark


Thank you
PC David Clark

01473 383390 Stowmarket Police Station
01473 613500 Police Headquarters

PC 466 David Clark

To go to the Suffolk Police web site please click here



To go to the Neighbourhood Watch site of Suffolk Police click here

Somersham Cycle Speedway

May started with Round 2 of the Suffolk Under 9,Under 11 and Under 13 Grand Prix at Gt Blakenham on the 3rd.There were 7 Somersham riders in attendance and their scores were as follows(all from 4 rides unless stated):
UNDER 9:Jack Barnes 15,Morgan Borrett 14,Fraser Borrett 9,Jake Copping & Joe Hodge 8 each
UNDER 11:Michael Garrod 12
UNDER 13:Carl Gooding 5 from 3 rides
3 days later Barry Copping rode in the Norwich Grand Prix and scored 8 points from 5 rides, having accepted an invite to ride the previous night. He also rode on the 10th in Round 2 of the Suffolk Under 15,Under 17 and Senior Grand Prix at Kesgrave in the Senior category and scored 9 points from 4 rides. Gary Brown also rode at Kesgrave, winning all 4 of his races for a 16 point haul.

The 14th should have seen us host Gt Blakenham in the South-East Division 1 but following a torrential thunderstorm the previous day the match was to become Somersham’s 1st rained off fixture for nearly 5 seasons.

The 17th saw a return to Whitton Sports Centre to face Ipswich,this time in the Norfolk & Suffolk League.The Stars emerged victorious by 80 points to 73 but there was one downside for that match in as much as only 5 riders fronted up for Somersham.On the upside those 5 riders included Andy Mittell,who made his 1st appearance of the season,having been struck down with glandular fever just before the season started.Gary Brown was top scorer with 20+3 with Richard Williamson weighing in with 19.
The 28th saw the 1st of 2 matches involving the Stars & Gt. Blakenham take place at Gt Blakenham in the South-East Division 1 against their “06” team. The home side were short on numbers(only 5 riders fronted up) and luck but Somersham were in no mood for favours and emerged victorious by 88 points to 59. Richard Williamson was the pick of the Stars,dropping only 1 point and receiving good support from Gary Brown who scored 16+2 and Barry Copping who scored 16
2 days later the teams met at Somersham (in the Norfolk & Suffolk League this time) with Blakenham not wanting any slips and fielding a full strength line-up.The meeting was delayed while a heavy shower swept through, but completed in somewhat wintry conditions. Andy Mittell was back to form for the home side scoring 18+1 and he received good support from Dave Palfreyman but it was not enough as Blakenham emerged victorious by 88 points to 71
June 3rd saw Peter Mittell riding in the Veterans Welsh Grand Prix(with Over 40’s and Over 50’s racing together) at Newport where he scored 11 points to finish 3rd in the Over 50’s category.
The following day saw Round 2 of the East Anglian Grand Prix series take place at Hethersett with Somersham interest provided by Gary Brown and Barry Copping who scored 15 and 8 points respectively to qualify for the “A”! final where they finished 2nd and 4th respectively
June 7th saw the 3rd round of the Suffolk Under 15,Under 17 & Senior Grand Prix staged at Somersham who had riders in all 3 categories.Their scores are as follows(All from 4 rides unless stated):
UNDER 15: Michael Garrod 9,Jordan Chester-Flatt 8 UNDER 17:Adam Cotterell 5 from 3 rides
SENIOR:Gary Brown 16,Barry Copping 13,Peter Mittell 12,Steve Copping 4
A review of the other June fixtures will appear in the next issue.
Among the events taking place in July Wednesday 5th will see Somersham stage a Suffolk Under 13 Team Tournament starting at 7pm.The European Championships are being held at Wednesfield from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd and there will be Somersham interest here with Richard Williamson and the Copping brothers due to be taking part. Sunday 30th sees Round 3 of the East Anglian Grand Prix at Somersham,starting at 1pm.
Thats it for now

Steve Copping (
Club Secretary:Peter Mittell 01473 831474


Flowton Church News

As I write the church has just been spring-cleaned and the churchyard grass is due to be cut again in three days time. The cups and plates are getting an extra wash, and gardens are being given a final tidy-up. And, in the background, ladies are lending each other various items for the displays. Thank you to everybody who has worked so hard for –and during -the Flower Festival and Gardens Open weekend. New people are coming forward with offers of help in many ways and the PCC are most grateful to you all. I just pray the beautiful weather will continue for our weekend.
As you read this you know how things have gone and are enjoying well deserved rests – maybe going round to visit other villages to see how they have done things!

As we prepare for the festival, our thoughts and best wishes go out to Ross Lusby and Odette as they prepare for their wedding in Romania – we look forward to seeing the pictures when they return.

Thanks to all who collected, and those who gave for Christian Aid. I hope to publish the total next month.

Following the success of the Good Friday workshop we hope to have a “birds and bugs” workshop near the end of the school holidays –date in next month’s Link.

The family of the late Miss Winnie Jackaman generously let us borrow her archives for the Festival, and we hope to include some of her photos in future Link Newsletters.

Dates for your diary:
Harvest tea and Harvest Praise -Sunday October 1st –tea at 4.30pm, service at 5.15pm
Harvest Supper –Friday October 6th at 7.30pm at Flowton Hall

Congratulations to Lisa Rawley (daughter of Mary and Peter) who won a Silver Gilt award at the Chelsea Flower show with her “Fleur-de-Lis” exhibit. Well done!



Village Walk – 13th May
In spite of rain earlier in the day, the evening of the 13th remained dry, and approximately 60 people assembled at 5.30pm sharp for our fifth successive Evening Walk. We were divided into two groups, lead by John Minns and Richard Last, and set off for approximately five miles of glorious views accompanied by snippets of local history. At approximately 8.45pm we returned to Derrick Hill for a wonderful spread of refreshments. Once again our sincere thanks to John Minns for arranging the walk and to Richard Last for all his help. To Leita and Jenny and their helpers for providing such a feast. We raised £302.50 on the day, but as much of this money was gift aided, a further £80 should be added to this sum. Thanks to everyone who supported this event and please note that next year’s walk is planned for Saturday the 12th May.

Gift Aid
The previous paragraph shows what Gift Aid can add to our income. If you pay income tax at the normal rate, a further 28p per £1 is added to your giving, and we have recently received a cheque for £377 from the Inland Revenue for the year 2005/2006. So do please use the envelopes placed in the church pews.

Coffee Morning
The recent coffee morning raised £85 for church funds – thanks to everyone who supported this event.

Christian Aid
Thanks to all who returned their envelope during Christian Aid Week – a total of £47 was raised.



Including Cream Teas


In aid of Willisham Church

From 2.00pm






And much more

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