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Offton & Willisham PC

Dear Reader,

Being beside the Seaside is good for us. Approaching New Year, I benefited from a weekend break, a very rare treat. My dog and I enjoyed the beach at Dunwich - the dog splashing and me walking, because we have our different ways of appreciating things. From the familiar twirled casts of the lugworm with its U-shaped burrowing in the mudflats, to the globe-spanning route of the container ship plying the world's trade, life - ours and that of primitive creatures and those that feed on them - is sustained by and from our seas.

Around the U.K. coast, so far we have just 3.3 square kilometres, at Lundy Island, protected as a Marine Reserve so that no natural resources can be extracted and no developments will damage marine life. So we have further to go in valuing our coasts, estuaries - and mudflats too.
The Holy Land has the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea, as well as the delights of Eilat and the historically-troubled Mediterranean coast. The first four followers of Jesus earned their living from the Sea of Galilee: they were not only to tell His Good News to others of their community and beyond, but to involve themselves in practical aspects of people's welfare. When they returned successful and overjoyed, He told them, 'Rejoice that your names are written in heaven'. Similarly, our calling as Christians is to do whatever we can to make other people's lives more bearable; among those whose livelihood is on the sea, there are Chaplains to Seafarers, such as at Felixstowe. They show hospitality, give contacts, advice, provide mediation or companionship, moral support, prayer, access to internet services, or whichever cellphone works in whichever port.

On Sea Sunday, 8th July, we sing 'For those in peril on the sea'. Rather than 'peril' it may be isolation that is felt more keenly now. Modern port areas are often far from shops and town centres, and since 2004 international security requires the manning of gangways and checking of visitor passes: where this cannot be arranged in the few hours available, sailors cannot go ashore. But there is now a Mission web pastor for the seafarer's section of 'i-church' (the internet church of the Diocese of Oxford) - a worshipping community not limited by time zones and geography.
Thankful for every grain of coffee and every electronic component brought to us by sea, let us value and show our practical commitment to both mariners and marine life - and enjoy the seaside this summer!


From the parish registers :

Farewell to
Frederick Bert Hammond, of Somersham, who died on May 1st in Papworth Hospital, aged 73 years. His funeral took place in Somersham church on May 14th, followed by interment at Hadleigh cemetery. A quiet man who was always ready to help others, he will be sorely missed by Dawn, Rachel and Oliver, and his many friends both in the village and the much wider community.

May he rest in peace


As the end of another school year rapidly approaches we find ourselves organising yet another leavers disco for Friday 20th July to say our fond farewells to the Year 6’s. All the members of FOSS would like to wish all the children good luck in their new schools and best wishes for the future. Hopefully we will see some of them at our future events and find out how they are getting on. Not only is it the children that we are losing this term, but we would also like to pass on our sincere thanks and best wishes to Jan Hubbard who is leaving us to become Headteacher of both Otley and Witnesham. Lynette Allison will then be our Acting Headteacher at Somersham and the members of FOSS will continue to support her and the other teachers at the school in any way we can, by continuing with our fundraising efforts.

By the time that this edition of the Link Magazine reaches your homes, we hope that we will have had a successful fete on Saturday 30th June. Our sincere thanks go to all those people that so kindly gave up their time to help and support us on the day, as well as all the kind people that donated prizes, items for the stalls or generally just came along to the fete to spend some money and have an enjoyable afternoon. We very much hope that the weather was kind to us, that you all had an enjoyable afternoon and that you particularly enjoyed some of the 1970’s outfits and looking back at this era!!

Recent weeks at the school have been very hectic with a number of children sitting their SATS tests. We hope they have all done well.
In the week commencing the 11th June, some of the year 5 and year 6 children were going away for five days on an activity holiday. Originally, they were going to Caister, but would you believe that three days before they were due to leave, they were told that Caister had overbooked and they could not go!! Thankfully after a very stressful day and a number of telephone calls, Mrs Allison and Ms Hubbard managed to secure a holiday for the children at Hayling Island near Portsmouth. We are sure that the children had a fantastic time and have many stories to tell everyone about all the different activities that they did while they were there. Hopefully it was not too stressful a time for Mr Roper and Mrs Allison who were travelling with the children too. We are very grateful to them for all their organisation and for taking the trouble to take our children on such a wonderful holiday.

Those children remaining at the school were also having a very busy week with lots of activities, finishing with a day trip to the seaside at Felixstowe.

With cycle proficiency tests, days at Claydon High School, rounders tournaments, sports day and numerous other things on the calendar, the end of July will approach sooner than we think. May all the members of FOSS wish you all a very happy holiday if you are going away in the Summer break and we would like to once again thank you all for your continued support.


Flowton Church News

This article is being written as the June edition of the Link is being printed and distributed; therefore, we do not yet know how much response we may get to our request that we made last month for Offton folk to consider becoming members of the Parochial Church Council (PCC) – fancy words for the people who volunteer a little time and effort to help run Offton Church. If you missed the article last month that outlined our needs, please call any of the people below who will welcome the chance to describe what happens on our PCC. Hopefully, there is good news for us ‘just around the corner’. Thank you. Ian Dickson Tel: 01473 658637
Mike Bolton Tel: 01473 658304
Paul and Anne Chapman Tel: 01449 721181

Recent Events
Thanks go to all who took part in Offton’s Festival of Talents held on 6 May in the church, with a special mention to Scott Dolling and helpers for organising and staging the event. This was a happy event, not only for the ‘artists and stars’ but for the audience who enjoyed music recitals, singing, recitations and other forms of entertainment. It also featured Ted Sampson and his guitar who gave us, yet again, a further 7th version of the ‘Offton Song’. (see elsewhere in Link for the lyrics) This festival is an annual event, but it is only a success if people living in the village are willing to come forward and take part. So watch this space next year, and start practising your entertaining skills now.

Thank you also to the few people who made donations through the Christian Aid Week envelopes that were distributed with last month’s Link magazine. Ian Dickson at the Old Vicarage next to the church, or any other member of the PCC, would be happy to receive any ‘last minute’ donations before you go away on holiday. Donation envelopes can also be left at the church.

Diary Dates
Offton usually has three services each month, subject to special events in the church calendar such as Easter and Christmas. There is normally no service on the first Sunday in the month. The second Sunday has an Evening Prayer service at 6.30pm; the third Sunday sees a Family Service plus short Communion at 10.00am; and the fourth Sunday features Holy Communion at 11.00am. If there is a fifth Sunday in the month, then there may be an additional service linking with another church. Details of all church services are on the inside back cover of the Link, and of course on the church notice board.

As we are now in the holiday season, there are fewer special events to organise and advertise, but these will pick up in September, starting with the Harvest Festival service on 9 September at 5.00pm. Those attending may wish to bring a suitable gift of food and drink that will be distributed to those less fortunate than us who live in this beautiful village location. Even if you cannot attend the service, your donations will be greatly welcomed, and may be left with any of the above members of the PCC. This event will be followed on Saturday 29 September by our annual Whist Drive in the village hall, once again organised and hosted by the indomitable Mr John Minns. So please put these dates in your diary now.

Church Fact File
Continuing with some historical details about Offton church, we can establish from the ‘lancet’ window and the north doorway that this beautiful medieval church had undergone several changes way back in the 13th century. The square western tower was erected in the 14th century, and the porch was probably erected later towards the end of that century.

If there are any children reading this with an interest in history (or are forced to study it at school as I was), can you tell me other things that happened in those two centuries? That way, we may be able to see a link between your history lessons and a real, ‘living’ old church in your midst.
Replies please to: Mike Bolton – Churchs – Ipswich Road – Offton.
Please include your name and address and age. I hope to be able to print some of your comments and facts. Thank you.

CHURCH SERVICES in our 8 linked parishes

If you think there may be a mistake in the rota please contact your Churchwarden.

Please contact a Churchwarden if you think that there is a mistake in the listing. Thank you.

1st July 4th Sunday after Trinity

Holy Communion

9.30am Willisham (with Offton)
Morning Prayer 10.00am Great Bricett
Holy Communion 11.15am Somersham
Evening Prayer 3.00pm Barking
Holy Communion 6.30pm Flowton

8th July Sea Sunday

Holy Communion 8.00am Flowton
Family Service + baptism 10.00 am Somersham
Holy Communion 10.00 am Great Bricett
Holy Communion +baptism 11.15 am Barking
Family Service 11.15am Battisford
Evening Prayer 3.00 pm Willisham
Evening Prayer 6.30pm Offton

15th July 6th Sunday after Trinity

Holy Communion 8.00am Somersham
Family Service + comm.. by ext 10.00am Offton
Family Service 10.00am Bricett
Holy Communion 11.15am Battisford
Evening Prayer 6.00 pm Flowton

22nd July 7th Sunday after Trinity

Holy Communion 9.30am Ringshall
Morning Worship + baptism 10.00am Flowton
Holy Communion 11.00am Offton
Morning Prayer 10.00am Barking
Evening Prayer + baptism 3.00 pm Somersham

29th July 8th Sunday after Trinity

Family Communion with Children’s Activites and Picnic 11.00 am Willisham

Somersham Cycle Speedway

Firstly please accept my apologies for the lack of article in the previous issue.This was due to computer problems which hopefully now have been sorted.

Since the last article the following events have taken place:
April 4th saw the 1st round of the Suffolk Grand Prix Under 9,11 and 13 staged at Ipswich where in the Under 9 category Fraser Borrett scored 12 and Joe Hodge scored 10.In the Under 11's Fraser's brother Morgan 9.1 week later there was more Suffolk Grand Prix action, this time at Gt Blakenham where the Under 15,Under 17 and Senior riders had their 1st round.Somersham interest was in the Senior category where Gary Brown scored 13points and the Copping brothers Barry 8 and Steve 5.April 15th saw East London visit for a South-East League Division 1 match which Peter Mittell missed due to a prior commitment. Dave Palfreyman made his 1st appearance of the season scoring 13 points from 4 completed rides,an exclusion restricting his score. Gary Brown and Barry Copping scored 15 points each but it wasn't enough to prevent a 79-99 defeat.

Somersham will have a rider sampling the Premier League in 2007 as Barry has signed for Norwich on secondary licence for this purpose. April 22nd saw his 1st such match at Wednesfield in the West Midlands where he scored 2 points from 3 rides including a tapes exclusion as Norwich lost 68-109.

3 days later Barry was back in Somersham colours for a Norfolk & Suffolk League match at Gt Blakenham which Somersham lost 60-89.Dan Croft scored 16 points and Barry scored 15.

April finished with a double header with matches at Eaton(in the Norfolk & Suffolk League) & Norwich(in South-East League Division 1).The Eaton match was staged at Norwich as Eaton were unable to get into their container to get their track equipment out. Simon Turnbull missed both these matches due to the fact he was going on holiday that day and that was the difference in the Eaton match as Somersham went down 83-87,Barry Copping scoring 18 and Andy Turnbull 15.The Norwich match saw a very strong Norwich team triumph by 108-65.Gary Brown scored 19 and Barry 17.Steve missed this match due to work commitments having scored 11 against Eaton.
May started with Round 2 of the Suffolk Under 9,11 and 13 Grand Prix at Gt Blakenham. Fraser Borrett scored 10 points and Joe Hodge 8 in the Under 9's with Morgan Borrett scoring 8 in the Under 11's.On the 6th Gary Brown and Joe Hodge rode in the South-East GP at Colchester, Gary finishing 3rd in the Senior section and Joe 4th in the Under 8's.May 9th saw the 2nd round of the Suffolk Under 15,17 and Senior GP staged at Somersham and this saw Gary Brown score 15 and Peter Mittell 4 in the Senior section. 4 days later it was off to Ipswich for a South-East Division 1 match.Steady rain made conditions unpleasant and visibility was a problem. Somersham were up for it, but beaten 98-80 by a home side who appeared to be in excellent form.Barry Copping top scored with 15, Dan Croft and Peter Mittell also scored well, while Adrian Borrett appeared to enjoy his debut given the conditions. On May 22nd Gt Blakenham visited Somersham for a Norfolk & Suffolk League match.With only 5 riders turning up Somersham stood no chance..The 56-112 scoreline summed up the contest well but not the effort put in. Barry Copping was Somersham's best rider with 17 points, well demonstrated when he held Lewis Osborne at bay. 5 days later Hethersett visited in the South-East league for an expected close tussle, but it started raining before the start of the match. On track Somersham were beaten 86-92 despite a maximum from Gary Brown and Peter Mittell having his best meeting of the season. Early on Hethersett picked up a 7-2 in a race where we only had one rider and that gap remained pretty much throughout the remaining heats.

2 days later Ipswich visited for a Norfolk & Suffolk League match and for once we had a full line-up as Fraser Borrett made his senior debut. Ipswich took a slight lead and just like the Hethersett meeting, Somersham found it difficult to gain heat advantages and pull back the points, 2 exclusions for Somersham riders not helping matters .The final score was 85-91. It was good to see Andy Turnbull and Steve Copping getting stuck in for their biggest scores of the season to round off May's action

June started with Individual action taking place at a sunny Ipswich for the 4th round of the SE GP series. Only 2 Somersham riders took part but they did well. Gary Brown won the senior section while Joe Hodge was 3rd in the Under 8s.
Thats it for now

Steve Copping, Assistant Secretary(
Club Secretary: Peter Mittell Tel No.:(01473) 831474



Sunday 15th April 2007

Somersham awoke to find itself bathed in glorious sunshine and a full squad of 16 lads swiftly assembled to greet the well established Kirton set up for what was to be an exciting encounter.

The match was split into three periods of 20 minutes, the first of which was a balanced affair with both sides going close, the deadlock was broken when good work by Cotterell on the wing and Barnes in the centre presented Rutter with the opportunity to lob the keeper from distance, 1 – 0 to Somersham and thanks to a stunning double save from James in goal that was how the first period ended.

The second period saw Kirton in the ascendancy and score a well deserved equaliser, and it was only fine defending from Horwood, Sheern and the outstanding James between the sticks that kept scores level. Midway through the second period Turpin was fouled in the box and Payne thundered home from the spot, 2 - 1. Kirton pressed and another equaliser was soon to follow as defensive errors became more frequent in the baking sun 2 – 2.

The third period was very hard on Somersham, kicking uphill, in brilliant sunshine on a full size pitch and all the lads deserve much credit for only conceding twice more before the final whistle, final score Somersham 2 Kirton 4.

Thanks to Kirton for playing this friendly in the manner a friendly is supposed to be played, thanks to all the supporters of both teams, to Dave Sillet, to Quinney and especially to Ian Littleboy who refereed with distinction and maybe a sore backside when he fell over; visit our website for the pictures.

Special thanks to the “Bacon Birds” - Debbie Cotterell, Annette Barnes, Wendy Hiskey, Wendy Siddel and Pam Harvey.
Best wishes for more great days,

Martin and Steve.

Somersham U 10s Versus Shotley U 10s

Sunday 1st April 2007.

Somersham took a squad of 16 players to Gainsborough Sports Centre to take on Shotley in two 7 a side matches, with the sun shining, parents and grandparents were out in force to cheer on the lads.

Match 1: The early periods were dominated by Shotleys strikers who ran at Somershams defence time after time but were denied by fine work from Cotterell, Hiskey and the exceptional Baldry. Shotley kept up the pressure and after 25 minutes took a deserved lead with a powerful strike into the bottom corner, half time 1-0.

Somersham played their best football for 5 minutes either side of the interval when Samuel Lucock was allowed space down the wing, but with no final product this inspired the Shotley lads who went on to score a second and third goal, final score 3-0.
Match 2: The second game saw Somersham pass the ball around much better with Robert Turpin dominating play in midfield and posing a threat to the opposition defence at all times, this led to the first goal when Daz Bland drilled home a loose ball from some distance, half time 1-0.

The second half was more even, and sloppy defending from a corner was punished with a Shotley equaliser, 1-1.
Somersham were very grateful to stand in keeper Jack Barnes for his outstanding performance and to Andrew Rutter who netted the winner 5 minutes from time, final score 2-1.
Martin & Steve.

Shotley U10s Versus Somersham U10s

Sunday 29th April 2007

Too many late nights? Too much sun? or maybe just the salty sea air, whatever it was Somersham arrived on the peninsular in sleep mode and paid the price early on.

Shotley opened the scoring in the first minute when Somersham’s rear guard (more shaky than a dunny door in a cyclone) failed to clear a corner and were punished accordingly, a second came two minutes later, then when Somersham’s substitute put the ball in his own net with his first kick, things looked bleak and all this after only five minutes.

The game was split into 4 x 15 minute periods, after the first of these the boys left the field heads down and in sombre mood.

The second period was a different ball game. Somersham awoke and passed the ball around like we know they can, Allard, Horwood and Hiskey defended superbly, the midfield gelled and Somersham pulled a goal back when a free kick from Charlie on the edge of the box found its way into the Shotley goal 3-1.

Somersham kept up the pressure and were awarded a penalty, Brandon stepped up and inflicted more Payne on the Shotley goal 3-2.
The third period saw Somersham again in the ascendancy with man of the match Sam Siddell excelling in midfield and coming close to equalising on more than one occasion, but it was not to be, and Shotley scored a fourth before a fine strike by Baldry 3 miles out to sea, set up a tense final quarter.

Both teams tired during the last period and both teams threatened to score but never did, final score Shotley 4 Somersham 3.
Thanks to Shotley who always provide a warm welcome as well as a friendly yet competitive match.
Martin & Steve

From: PC David Clark
Community Beat Officer
Tel: 01473 613500


Hello again ,
The ongoing murder enquiries are now drawing to a conclusion and I am now back working again in the area .


I have previously mentioned the Safer Neighbourhood Teams; the Mid Suffolk South Team is now up and running and as a result I will have primary responsibility for:
Barking Great Blakenham Baylham
Willisham Little Blakenham Bramford
Offton Nettlestead Flowton

Pc 421 Annelly Miles will have primary responsibility for Hemingstone, Henley, Whitton, Akenham, Claydon, and Barham, and is contactable on the same telephone number below or
via e mail

Pc 1330 Amy Yeldham will have primary responsibility for Needham Market, Little Finborough, Great Bricett, Badley, Combs, Battisford, and Ringshall, and is also contactable on the same telephone number
or via e

If you would like to know more about the Safer Neighbourhood Teams there is now a website:

If you have any information or would like any advice on police matters I would be more than happy to discuss this with you.
I can be contacted at Stowmarket Police station on 01473 613500 or by email
Please remember that there are occasions when I am on rest days for 4 days so if your call is of an urgent nature please ask to speak to any officer on duty. Thanks very much PC 466 Dave Clark


EGGS invites you to a Woodland Fayre

Elmsett Greenlife Grove Scheme’s celebration of green living

on Saturday July 21st, 11am-4pm in Elmsett.

Games and prizes, demonstrations, information, refreshments, things to do and see,
all with a green theme, then a chance to wander around our new woodland –


Wallow Lane Naughton Nr. Hadleigh Suffolk IP7 7BZ
5* luxury boarding in a rural location where each cat is an individual

R Reliable, experienced friendly owners
Y Young/old felines boarded
L Long/short stays
E Extra attention re: medical/dietary needs
N Night/Day vet on call
E Essential vaccinations
S Single/family heated & insulated chalets

Tel: 01473 658747 E.mail





July 2007

Forthcoming Parish Council Meetings

Wednesday 4th July 2007 7.30pm Playing Field Pavilion
Wednesday 5th September 2007 7.30pm Playing Field Pavilion
Wednesday 3rd October 2007 7.30pm Playing Field Pavilion

Chapel Lane/Main Road junction
Thank you to everyone who responded to the previous piece in this magazine asking for comments/suggestions on how this hazardous junction could be improved. County Councillor Truelove is working with the parish council to try to find a way to improve safety at this junction and a further meeting is planned with members of the county council’s Road Safety Team. Further details will be given shortly.

Crispin Bridge
Members of the parish council were delighted to see that the new bridge is now in place from the playing field to Main Road. The bridge will be known as the Crispin Bridge in honour of Chris Crispin who was involved in so many aspects of community life in Somersham whilst the family lived here. The parish council wishes to thank the Crispin family for donating funds to enable this bridge to be built in the village and hopes it proves to be a fitting tribute to their father and also to their mother.

Post Box outside Old Barn Stores
Royal Mail has received a request to move the post box from its present location outside the former shop and has identified the side of the lay-by opposite as a suitable alternative location. Subject to permission from the highways authority it is hoped that the work will be completed around the end of June. Collection times will remain unchanged.

A New Water Main from Barking Tye to Somersham
Anglian Water has advised us that works are soon to commence to replace the old water mains from the B1078 at Barking Tye, down the Barking Road through Willisham Tye and Willisham, Offton, and the Ipswich Road as far as approximately Black Barn Cottage to the west of Somersham. Some of the works will take place in fields, but inevitably there will be road closures to allow these works to take place. Unfortunately no definite dates have yet been approved so we are not able to give more precise details. However as soon as the parish council is informed, notices will be placed on the notice boards in the village.

Contact has been made with Suffolk County Council concerning any planned changes to bus services and the county council has stated that when details are known it will put in place arrangements similar to those when the Limeburners difficulties caused the road to be closed.

It is understood the works by Anglian Water will not come far into the Somersham boundary so Somersham residents should have minimal disruption to their water supply. Properties will be given 2 days notice with times (generally 4-6 hours) for disconnections, but if you have concerns for anyone in the affected area, i.e. Renal Dialysis patients, please contact the Anglian Water 24-hour Contact Centre on 08457 145 145.

Springfield Road
The parish council has received complaints that cars and motorbikes are racing up and down Springfield Road and are causing concern to residents. There are many children who live and play in Springfield Road and the parish council would ask that the offender/s stop this dangerous activity immediately, before a tragedy occurs. The Police have been asked to monitor the situation.

Council Vacancy
Following last month’s election, Somersham Parish Council has one vacant seat. These are changing times for parish councils with the likelihood that principal authorities will devolve more powers to parish councils over the next few years. If you would like to be a part of these exciting times in grass roots democracy and help influence the way in which Somersham develops, further information on joining the parish council can be obtained by contacting the chairman, Richard Browne on Ipswich 831321, the Clerk, or any of the other councillors.

Janet Clarke
Clerk to the Council
Tel. No. 01473 830398 E-mail:

Somersham Church Notes

The total collected for Christian Aid Week was £395, a magnificent effort for the village. Many thanks to everyone who gave, and especially to the volunteers who gave their time to call on every home in the village to collect the envelopes.

The Fete & Flower Festival is still to happen at copy date, so there will be a report in the next Link.

A date for your diary: There will be another opportunity to hear the talented local bands at a Folk Evening on Friday 14th October. The last two concerts have been sell-outs so make sure you get your tickets early!

Children from Belarus

Once again our friends Lisa & Kevin Parker from Needham Market are going to be host parents to a little girl from the Belarus area. There are several boys and girls in the group, aged 8 to 10, arriving in July. If anyone has any toys or clothes they would like to donate to the children they can be left at Christine’s Haircare Somersham, or 5 Chapel Lane or Lisa will collect (telephone 07771550868). Remember the children take the things back with them, which can make a huge difference to their lives.

Thank you from Heather & Tony Dickinson


A warm and sunny weekend greeted the 46 French visitors to our village in May when host families and friends welcomed guests from our link village of Challain-la-Potherie in the Loire Valley. As usual we had a full programme of events to occupy them and ourselves. Following their eagerly awaited arrival we were able to enjoy a reception at the Baptist Chapel thanks to Mark and his volunteers.

A day-trip to Norwich allowed us to show our guests the delights of our region and a guided tour allowed us to see parts of the city we may never have known about. We visited the market and the Mustard Shop, Tombland and the Cathedral; we had time to shop and then had a pre-arranged lunch for 60 people in the Crypt of St Andrew’s Hall.

One day was free for hosts and friends to do as they pleased and many different venues were shown to guests: boating at Dedham, visiting Lavenham and the Hadleigh Show were all amongst events planned by hosts.

Saturday evening started with the tug-of-war. Our side were victorious again! (I think there is a lot of plotting going on for the return pull next year – hearing things like we should clear a space for the frog to stay in Somersham – does that mean anything to anyone?) In the village hall the children, complete with a few adults, put on a most amusing and entertaining pantomime. About 100 people were at the dinner, all cooked by the local hosts, a magnificent effort by all. Local singers gave full voice to folk songs, and rounded off a very pleasant evening.

The weekend passed all too quickly and we sadly had to say goodbye until next year. But while we were waiting to wave our visitors off a surprise fly-past by our local paraglider gave our guests a good send off.

Many thanks to everybody here for such a grand effort which made a marvellous weekend for guests and hosts. Lots of work and lots of fun. We look forward to our return visit to Challain next spring.

Gill Fordham: 831529 David Haughton: 831511
Janet Hodge: 832296; Pat Woolhouse: 831080

The Rural Coffee Caravan Information Project

returns to Somersham

The Coffee Caravan
will be at
2.00 pm – 4.00 pm

An opportunity to chat to neighbours and friends over a cup of tea/coffee and homemade cakes

And an opportunity to gather a wealth of information about a complete range of issues and resources from many local and national agencies and organisations

***** ALL WELCOME *****

Our visit is free but donations are welcome

Email: tel: 01379 855338


Somersham & District Community Association

In the two months since the last write-up events on the playing field have been gaining pace. By the end of the summer most of the planned improvements will be in place, and we hope, being well used. The much-vandalised (and very worn out) footbridge has been replaced with the assistance of a generous donation from the Hunters. They wish to commemorate a dear member of their family who lived in Somersham and did a great deal for the village. Many of you will remember Chris Crispin and be pleased that there will be a lasting memorial to him. The bridge will bear a plaque in his name. County Councillor Julia Truelove also made a contribution from her locality budget. We are just waiting for Mid Suffolk to re-site the concrete fence posts at the end of the bridge now.

The tennis courts are well on the way. Hearty congratulations to the Club on the way they have pursued this project. There were some doubts as to whether it would ever be more than a good idea, mainly due to a slight communications problem. You know what it’s like when you ask your computer for help, well it was something like that. You need to ask the same question in several different ways before you get the answer you thought of in the first place. Things soon sorted themselves out and the S&DCA welcomed them on board. All the Club’s hard work has paid off and the courts will soon be up and running. The club have worked so hard, let’s make sure the Community uses and appreciates the added facility. Somersham should be very proud of the Playing Field. The facilities outclass many in villages of the same size and all of it done by volunteers.

Work has started on the other sports pitch and no doubt we will be praying for rain later on to grow the grass in the hope that it will be in use by the 8008 Season. It is intended that this pitch will be used for various sports as required, what about a ladies hockey team for instance? Of course in the football season the Junior Club will be using it for matches but otherwise its there for all to use. Many thanks to the volunteers who have been de-stoning the area and generally clearing it up.

Apart from respecting the facilities, there are few rules for use of the Playing Field; -NO DOGS ALLOWED on the field, not even round the edges – NO MOTORBIKES or SCOOTERS, this is against the Law anyway, NO LITTER & NO VANDALISM. It may interest those whose ideas are merely destructive that the Community Association now has a policy of zero tolerance towards vandalism. Some in the village have already found this out with unwelcome calls from the Police. From now on ALL instances of vandalism will be followed up where possible and action taken against those responsible.

Details of the Tennis Club can be had from Mrs Penny Pearson on 01473 831436 and offers of help for the Community Association (PLEASE PLEASE) should be made to Mike Shelmerdine (Tel- 01473 831661 or

Nicky Heming (Sec) 01473 831594

Somersham Football Club

Apologies for the lack of notes for some time. The 2006-2007 season has finally come to an end after what has been an up and down few months. As will be seen the club found mixed fortunes, but the essential thing is that the club kept together over the season and can now look forward to a fresh crack at it all in September.

The 1st Team

Saturday 10th February Tacket Street BBOB - Div 3 (A) Won 2-1
A solid performance in a hard physical game. Goals from Jason Brame and Stefan Nielsen.

Saturday 17th February Elmswell - Div 3 (H) Lost 6-1
Abysmal! Stefan scored the consolation

Saturday 24th February Sproughton Sports - Div 3 (A) Won 1-0
A much better performance and the winner scored by Andy Beresford.

Saturday 3rd March Ufford Sports - Div 3 (H) Drew 0-0
Two evenly balanced teams.

Saturday 10th March Coplestonians ‘A’ - Div 3 (A) Lost 1-0
An even match with Somersham under-performing, until Cops scored late on. Somersham perked up, but it was too late.

Saturday 31st March Martlesham Athletic 98 - Div 3 (A) Drew 1-1
A fair end to the season with captain Terry Lawrence scoring for the team.

The first team finished the season in 8th position in Division 3, out of 14 teams. They were 20 points clear of relegation and 30 points behind the champions, winning 12 drawing 3 and losing 11 games.

The Reserves

Saturday 24th February Benhall St Mary - Div 4 (H) Drew 2-2
A sound display with goals from Martin Booth and John Tunaley.

Saturday 10th March Meadlands - Div 4 (A) Lost 5-0
Beaten by a very good and experienced side.

Saturday 17th March Waterside - Div 4 (A) Lost 2-1
A close match with Wes Ball scoring his first for the club.

Saturday 24th March Walsham Le Willows ‘A’ - Div 4 (A) Won 3-2
A great performance with 2 goals from Andy Beresford and the other from Richard Wakeling.

Saturday 14th April St Clements Hospital - Div 4 (A) Lost 2-0
Beaten by the eventual runners-up.

Saturday 21st April Ipswich Postals - Div 4 (H) Lost 3-2
A close run match which Somersham were unlucky not to gain something from. Goals from Wes Ball and Stefan Nielsen.

Tuesday 24th April Stowmarket Stag - Div 4 (H) Won 3-2
Ended the season by beating the soon to be crowned Champions in a thrilling match. Goals from Andy Beresford, Stefan Nielsen and Tom Warren.

The reserve team ended the season relegated from Division 4 but incredibly not in last place. Due to Tattingstone having points deducted and some strong performances at the end of the season they achieve second from bottom by one point.

The Annual Presentation Dinner Dance was held at The Elizabeth Hotel Copdock. This was a successful evening, congratulations to the organisers and all those (listed below) who gained awards for their season’s endeavours.

First Team
Players Player of the Year - Daniel English
Managers Player of the Year - Terry Lawrence
Top Scorer - Stefan Nielsen
Reserve Team
Players Player of the Year - Tom Warren
Managers Player of the Year - Steve Breitspecher
Top Scorer - Martin Booth
Club Awards
Young Player of the Year - Luke Emmerson
Club Person of the Year - Quinny Warner
Outstanding Contribution - Jonathan Routledge

Training is set to begin again on Wednesday 11th July at 7:30pm. If you would like to try your foot at the game, please come along and join us. I’ll be the one waiting for the oxygen to be delivered!

See you next season!!!

Al Chester



Somersham Baptist Church

In church, the pastor, apparently fed up with all the excuses given over the years as to why people don’t go to church, included “Ten reasons why I never wash” in the Sunday bulletin.

1.I was forced to as a child.
2.People who wash are hypocrites - they think they are cleaner than everybody else.
3.There are so many different kinds of soap; I can’t decide which one is best.
4.I used to wash, but I got bored and stopped.
5.I wash only on special occasion, like Christmas and Easter.
6.None of my friends wash.
7.I’ll start washing when I’m older and dirtier.
8.I can’t spare the time.
9.The bathroom is never warm enough in winter and cold enough in summer.
10.People who make soap are only after your money.

Regular Sunday Morning Programme (You are welcome to join us for all or part of the morning).
10.00-10.30 Prayer Meeting
10.45-11.15 Bible Study (Communion 1st Sunday)
11.30-12.00 Worship
12.00-12.30 Sermon

Other Meetings

Evening buffet 7.00pm Sunday July 1st

Children and Young People (During term time); Wednesday Club 6.30-7.30pm for primary school children, 14+ Friday’s 8.00-9.30pm Year 9 upwards.

Meetings for Ladies;
Women’s Fellowship Friday; 13th July 2.30pm. Contact Mark if you need transport.
Friends and Neighbours; 16th July 7.45pm.

All events are held at the Baptist Chapel, Chapel Lane, Somersham IP8 4QE, and Transport is always available.
Contacts: Mark Newcombe (Pastor) 01473 831940. Mobile 07930 543583.
Edwin Mayhew 01473 658100

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