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Offton & Willisham PC
Letter from David Haughton

I’ve now lived and worked in Somersham for over 25 years, which I really cannot believe. It’s gone so fast and it’s been a hard, but very
interesting time.

My first memories of coming here are as a small child, to visit my great grandmother (Mrs Marjoram) and my great uncle Fred. I can
remember arriving in Somersham when we reached the ford, then the black barn as you came into the village – Keeches Barn, which stood where the garage does today – the building site, which was of course Springfield Road, and, the thing which fascinated me most, Granny’s outside loo.

How things have changed: Somersham has gone from a rural village, with its agricultural workers, to more of a commuter village. The old characters have gone and sadly so much of the old-fashioned respect. I grew up always addressing my elders as ‘Mr’ or ‘Mrs’ and still at times find it hard to call my elders by their Christian names, even when they ask me to. When I started work as an apprentice, I had to address everyone by their title and even now, when I speak to my old boss, I still call him Mr Gower.

We now see so many examples of people showing a lack of respect, whether it is for other people, animals, or the planet we live on. Will it ever change? One thing I have learnt since I’ve been here and as I’ve got older, is that everyone is different. We all have different ideas and values that others may or may not agree with. But it’s important to respect all opinions, to learn to tolerate and listen to all points of view.
Nobody knows everything and looking or talking about something from a different perspective can sometimes highlight what we cannot or don’t want to see ourselves.



On the evening of Tuesday, 2nd June Barking church was filled to capacity to witness the Bishop of Dunwich licensing the Rev. Canon Bernard Rose as the Priest-in-Charge of the eight village churches of our group. It was a memorable service and the beautiful June evening added to the special atmosphere of the evening. The warmth of our welcome was made tangible when the procession of clergy and churchwardens left the church and Mary Carter raised three cheers for Bernard as the brave man willing to take us all on! The perfect evening was completed with lovely food and happy chatter in Barking Village Hall, everyone wanting to meet the Rose family who must have been more than ready for bed that evening!

On the following Sunday, 7th June in Willisham church there was another capacity congregation from the eight churches joining together for Bernard’s first service with us. It was another warm and happy occasion when even the torrential rain this time could do nothing to dampen our enthusiasm.

Bernard, by now you should know that we are delighted to have you and Janet with us and look forward to working with you and our friends in the churches of our group. May God bless us all in the days and years to come.

Errata –Have you noticed how easy it is to mishear an ‘s’ for an ‘f’ on the telephone! Well, we did just that in our new priest’s letter in the June ‘Link’! We owe our apologies to Bernard’s son, Finter Rose, whom we wrongly called ‘Sinter’ in his father’s letter last month’. He took the mistake in good part and kindly quipped that a Rose by any other name would smell as sweet!!

The last two sentences of the first paragraph of that letter should have read like this:-
‘The other thing to note is that Janet constantly tries to turn me out in a reasonably tidy manner (but often has to admit defeat!). And we have three grown up children in our family– Lisa, Finter and Rebekah and three (soon to be four!) grandchildren.’

We are really very sorry Finter, but now at least everyone will remember your name!

Church Flowers and Cleaning Rotas


July 5, 12 Faith Jaggard
July 19, 26 Judith Newman
August 2, 9 Lois Warren
Cleaning Team A

July 5, 12        Mrs Ward
July 19, 26   Mrs Munson
August 2, 9        Mrs Laflin
Cleaning: Mr & Mrs G Watkins

July 5, 12 Mrs. Janet Crickmore
July 19, 26 Mrs. Leita Minns
August 2, 9 Mrs Maartje Rondeboom
Cleaning Mrs. J Crickmore

July 5th, 12th Mrs. M. Fisher
July 19th, 26th Mrs. D. Hill
Cleaning—as flower rota

Somersham Church Notes

There will be a report on the Summer Fete in the next issue of the Link, but many thanks to everyone who helped in any way with this important fundraiser.

The Christian Aid envelopes collected in Somersham raised a
magnificent £404.94. A very big thank you to everyone who gave, and especially to those volunteers who did the house to house

Summer quiz sheets - These are on sale for £1 from Christine’s Haircare, Somersham Garage or Pat Woolhouse. Closing date is the end of August.

We will be holding another Folk Evening featuring local bands on Friday October 9th. These occasions are always very popular with a packed church, so do make sure you get your tickets early. There will also be a Flower Festival in the church over the weekend of 11th / 12th October with our Harvest Festival service on the Sunday.
More details next month.

Little Blakenham Fete

On Saturday 25 July

3 pm—8 pm

Somersham Parish Council

Forthcoming Parish Council Meetings
Wednesday 1st July 2009
Wednesday 2nd September 2009
Wednesday 7th October 2009

All meetings commence at 7.30pm in the Village Hall and the press and public are welcome to attend.

Sewerage Blockages
Engineers from Anglian Water had to attend on 3 separate occasions within a five-week period to clear a blocked sewer in Main Road. These blockages cause a great deal of distress to those properties where the
sewage floods into their gardens. In the past the parish council has met with Anglian Water on several occasions and has been told that our
sewers are adequate. It must be remembered that the sewerage system in rural communities is not the same as in towns and cities when the sewers are gigantic and you can help by not putting nappies and other personal items into the sewerage system.

Somersham Town Land Charity
The Somersham Town Land Charity is a small charity set up to benefit the poor and needy of Somersham. A few years ago the Deed of Covenant was amended to enable the charity to also make donations to local voluntary organisations. If you know of any person or organisation which would like to be considered please contact the parish clerk.
Confidentiality is assured for individual cases.

Community Achievements Awards 2009
Mid Suffolk District Council is seeking nominations for its Community Achievement Awards 2009. The awards are an opportunity to say thank you to someone in the local community who deserves recognition and praise for their efforts. For example, fundraising activities, conservation work, long and dedicated services to the community, a campaigner for improved services or someone who has given their time freely to do something innovative and original for their community. The closing date for nominations is 17 July 2009.

For more information please contact
01449 724645/724644,
e-mail or

Parish Council Notice Board
Damage has once again been caused to the Parish Council Notice Board on Main Road. The cost of these repairs has to be borne by the parish council, which may have to consider an increase in the precept in the future to offset these charges. Please help by being vigilant, particularly when in the proximity of the notice board, and report any suspicious activity to the Police.

Gateway To Choice
Mid Suffolk District Council has recently introduced a new scheme called Gateway to Choice, which is a new method of allocating Council and housing association properties. People seeking accommodation have to register and are then assessed and placed in one of 5 bands (A to E). Each week vacancies are advertised and applicants are able to express an interest. This is called bidding. The best way to bid is online as applicants can see a picture and details of the properties advertised. Properties are offered to the person who has bid who is in the highest band. If more than one bid is received from that band then it will be offered to the person who has waited the longest. The government is keen for choice based lettings schemes to permit cross boundary movements, therefore applicants will be able to bid for priorities in any of the districts in the scheme, currently Babergh, Braintree, Colchester, Ipswich, Maldon, Mid Suffolk and Suffolk Coastal.

For more information contact
Sue Lister on 01449 724758 or .

Janet Clarke Tel. No. 01473 830398
Clerk to the Council E-mail:


A warm and sunny weekend greeted the 46 French visitors to our village in May when host families and friends welcomed guests from our link village of Challain-la-Potherie in the Loire Valley. As usual we had a full programme of events to occupy them and ourselves.
Following their eagerly awaited arrival we were able to enjoy a reception at the Baptist Chapel thanks to Mark and his volunteers.

A large group of more than 60 English and French hosts and guests visited the Long Shop Museum in Leiston, followed by a lunch laid on for us by the Leiston Women’s Institute. We were made very welcome by both organisations and we had a huge surprise when the Mayor
(or Chairman) of Leiston arrived to greet us. A delightful time in the town and an extremely warm welcome by all.

We carried on from here to Southwold where Trinity House had opened the lighthouse for us to view and climb all 100 or more steps to the top, show us the lantern and explain how it works and to see the town from a bird’s eye view. A bit of free time to see the town and go to the pier followed.

An impromptu evening followed when one set of hosts opened their garden to all and most of our hosts and guests enjoyed their hospitality and the time to mix together socially.

A free day on Saturday meant that a wide variety of venues were chosen to take guests, from towns, villages and local pubs.

The children, 16 from Challain and an equal number from here, together with adults took part in a trip to Sudbury where they visited the brickworks and played hilarious, but highly competitive, games of baseball and football.

On Saturday evening the youngsters again became very sportive and competitive when they took on the challenge of a tug-of-war. This year, the older teams – who have been good sportsmen for the past eight or nine years - gave over their places and allowed the teens and
pre-teens to become acquainted with the rules of tug-of-war. Challain won the trophy this year and Somersham came second. Next year, with more experience, who knows which will win, no doubt Somersham will wish to claim the trophy back then.

A barn dance and fish ‘n’ chip supper in the village hall rounded off a very successful weekend. The visit was all too quickly over when our visitors had to return home on Sunday morning, but we look forward to seeing them again next year when it will be our turn to visit them in their village in the Loire Valley.

To those who organised and worked hard to make the weekend such a success, the hosts, their families and everyone who had anything at all to do with the village link to make the weekend such an enjoyable occasion – very many thanks indeed.

Gill Fordham: 831529 David Haughton: 831511
Janet Hodge: 832296 Pat Woolhouse: 831080


The first match of the summer league did not get off to the good start we had hoped for! Against Sproughton in previous encounters and, especially on our home mats, Somersham usually bowl with good results. This time the outcome was somewhat different. In the first two games of the ‘fours’, one of our teams struggled to a creditable draw whilst it was a loss for the other. The second half we fared slightly better in the ‘triples’ with the games finishing in a win for each side. Overall - despite losing - a very enjoyable evenings bowling.

The next match was a friendly against Nacton - a team who don’t participate in any league games and bowl purely for fun, but are still very competitive on the field of play. We extended a welcome to them - our mats - for the first games of the home and away fixture. All members from both clubs bowled well and three of the four games were very close and the results only sorted out in the latter ends of the games. Even the remaining game could have been closer but luckily for Somersham the woods ran in our favour. Somersham won by a margin of 12 shots. Both sides enjoyed the evening and we now look forward to the return match to be played at Nacton next month.

Result: Win 3 – 1 Somersham 45 shots Nacton 28 shots

With some club members unable to bowl due to other commitments we turned out with a much depleted side for our away match with Great
Blakenham. This meant some team members having to bowl twice which can be quite tiring. Any visit to the Great Blakenham venue is daunting, and very controlled rolling of the woods is the only way to get close to the jack. Obviously they are used to their mats and we are not! .... consequently the first two games went decisively to the home team. A similar pattern followed in the second half although one of the Somersham ‘triples’ excelled themselves by taking advantage of a healthy early lead which - much to our opponent’s surprise - was held onto from start to finish.

Although points were shared in the second half the result was never close and Great Blakenham won with the higher score on overall shots.

May ended with the Club’s AGM, which gave opportunity for reflection on the past year in the Club, the chance to appraise the situation and air views; and to essentially consider the way forward for the year ahead.

Summer League—May Results

Team Shots Points
Sproughton 44—28 7—3 Lost Home
Great Blakenham 66—19 8—2 Lost Away

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

With a projected appraisal made at the Club’s AGM it is apparent - looking ahead - that a critical situation may likely occur at the start of the Winter League (September) whereby the Carpet Bowls Club will have insufficient numbers to field a full team for matches.

The next couple of summer months are therefore the ideal time for you .... Yes you reader! .... to come along to a Tuesday Club evening and try your hand. Those who have come along and tried it ... like it!

Somersham Primary School

The Hawks class have finished their SATS and are making the most of the remaining weeks of the summer term. The high point so far has been coming 3rd in the Eastern Region Rugby Tournament. It was the greatest of achievements, and we have all been proud of the team’s grit, determination and sportsmanship. Mr Marshall is continuing to teach tag rugby and is treating the team to a MacDonalds for all their efforts.

The high point in the history of Somersham School will be Emily Gravett’s visit. She is a much celebrated author and illustrator. She spent the day at school doing workshops, speaking to the children about her life and how she came to begin writing and illustrating. The day finished with the official opening of the library, a question and answer session and book signing. The excitement remained at
fever pitch all day!

As part of their Castles topic, Squirrels very much enjoyed their trip to Framlingham Castle. Any excuse for a dressing up session! Both teachers and pupils all arrived as knights with swords and shields at the ready.

Whilst the Hawks are away on their residential trip to Hayling Island the rest of school will be enjoying both a Nature and India week.
During these cross curricular weeks the normal school timetable is abandoned and the children find this different approach invigorating. Indian food will be prepared and sampled and the Ferrets are already investigating Hinduism.

The rest of term is always busy. FOSS are very busy preparing for the Summer Fete and we are all hoping the weather will be kind.

Anyone wishing to visit our school should contact the school
secretary Tel. 01473 831251


With most of the club scribes preparing for long distance holidays in the sun, I’ve been asked to, “Put a bit in the Link”, or at least I think that’s what they said, anyway, apologies for any mistakes, any duplication or if this just isn’t the finest piece of literature you have ever read, but here goes.

Under 11s
Shane Davis and James Plummer have assembled a large squad of boys over the last 12 months and have just finished their first league season at 7 a side.
The lads have competed well against some well established clubs, gaining valuable experience, displaying a passion and desire that will see them do very well next season as they step up to 11 a side.

Under 12s
The under 12s came close to promotion, a win on the last game of the season would have seen them through in runners up spot, however it just wasn’t to be, the boys battled hard but lost 1 – 0 to a Cornard side with an exceptional keeper, in fact he was reported to be driving the team bus but nothings been confirmed.
Manager Steve Cotterell will add to the squad during the summer as we plan to go all out for promotion next year.

Under the leadership of Quinny Warner and the departing Matt Whitton the reserves were only one or two results from promotion, this was quite some feat and an indicator of the strength in depth that Somersham now has.

1st Team
Congratulations to the 1st team who were promoted as runners up in Division 3.
This was a fantastic team achievement managed by Keith Lawrence and Derek Ottaway but special mention must go to Kieren Cotterell who not only finished as the club’s leading goal scorer for both the reserves and the first team but for the division as well.
Keith like Matt will be stepping back from team management next season but SFC is grateful for all their contributions in making the 08/09 season so successful.

On behalf of all the teams special thanks to our Chairman, David Sillet and to all those who have supported us, either with work behind the scenes or as one of our many fans from the touchline.


The Rural Coffee Caravan
Information Project

comes to Somersham

The Coffee Caravan

will be found at Brook Way

Wednesday 29th July 2.00 pm -- 4.00 pm

We provide a wealth of information about local and
national agencies and organisations
We offer an opportunity to chat to neighbours and
friendly volunteers over a cup of tea / coffee and
homemade cakes

******** ALL WELCOME ********


Our visit is free but donations are welcome

Supported by Neighbourhood Watch Somersham

Chernobyl Childrens Life Line Needham Market Charity Shop

 The Charity shop was originally opened to help with the necessary fundraising for this years group of children and was only going to
operate for the three months preceding their arrival on July 5th .

However, we have had so many requests from everyone to continue that a Committee Meeting was convened to discuss the future of the shop and I am pleased to report that we have decided to continue at least until Christmas after which a further review will take place. We have decided to close on Tuesdays so our new opening hours will be Monday, Weds, Thurs and Fri 10:00am until 4:00 pm and Saturdays 10:00 am until 2:00 pm. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our volunteers who work so hard in the shop and those who have donated goods and made this venture a possibility.

Apart from the fundraising side this has been a great opportunity to raise awareness of our Charity and once again I would ask if you have any new or nearly new clothing for children aged 7 to 12 year it would be gratefully received. We are always in need of items for the shop also, in particular childrens toys as these are always very much in demand. Unfortunately we cannot accept electrical goods and duvets (duvet covers are fine). Heather Dickinson of 5 Chapel Lane Somersham (01473 830068) has kindly offered to allow people to drop anything for the children, or the shop, with her and she will bring them into the shop for us.

If goods need collecting or if you would like to help in the shop or know more about our charity please feel free to call me on
01449 760343 or email .

Our website also includes more information about the charity and our work. Lastly, as the Boot Sale on 28th June was intended to coincide with the closure of the shop and allow us to sell off remaining stock, this has now been cancelled and we hope this does not cause anyone any inconvenience.

Elizabeth Parker

From: PC David Clark
Community Beat Officer
Tel: 01473 613500

Safer Neighbourhoods

Mid Suffolk South Team
Mid Suffolk District Council Offices,
131 High Street Needham Market Suffolk IP6 8DL

Hello again ,


Offton: 7th May – Burglary from insecure shed – electrical and gym equipment 16th May – Burglary from shed , door forced, lawnmower stolen located nearby

Somersham, Willisham, Nettlestead: No crimes

As you are all aware the onset of the lighter evenings brings the possibility of Illegal Rave activities anywhere within the Suffolk area and the likely hood of Exessive Noise, Criminal Damage, Public Disorder, Anti-Social Behaviour and Litter.. As a result please be vigilant and help us to make sure:
1) That gates which give access to fields are secure
2) Ensure that all vulnerable out-buildings are secure
3) Report any sightings of large convoys of cars making their way onto rural sites
4) Keep an eye out for large vehicles transporting sound equipment
5) If you are involved in booking any type of function at village halls, clubs or community centres, make sure that any late bookings are thoroughly vetted.

A new SCAM appears to be emerging whereby previous victims of rogue traders are being cold called by individuals claiming to be "Trading Standards Officials" who point out the poor standard of the work they have had carried out on their addresses. They then request a substantial admin fee which they promise will be returned along with the full amount paid to the original rogue trader.

As has long been suspected, Rogue Traders are clearly communicating with each other and sharing intelligence about vulnerable people and their locations. Gwent and South Wales have had a number of these incidents, but in 2008, Norfolk had several similar offences.

Please note; Trading standards officers never request cash from consumers and would always make an appointment before visiting.
If anyone has had any information on similar incidents please contact: Trading Standards on 08454 04 05 06

We often get complaints regarding the riding of the small mini motorcycles ( mini motos ) in public areas etc . I have been asked to explain the law regarding use of the Mini Moto motorcycles

Where can mini-motos be ridden legally?

On private land? Yes, but with exceptions.
Minimotos can be ridden legally on privately owned land,where permission from the owner has been given, as long as it doesn’t cause harassment, alarm or distress, or a statutory nuisance. In most cases this would be land owned by private individuals, such as gardens, and would not include parks and housing estates where permission has not been given

On pavements?
No. It is illegal to ride mini-motos on the pavement, under section 72 of the Highways Act 1835.

On the road?
No. In virtually all cases, it is illegal for mini-motos to be ridden on the road.

The Government regards mini-motos to be ‘motor vehicles’ which need to meet the mandatory European construction requirements to be ridden on roads. The majority of mini-motos are not manufactured in such a way that allows them to meet these requirements, and would need to be modified significantly to do so.

Consequently, for a mini-moto to be legally used on roads, not only would it need to meet construction requirements, but it would also require the following:

registration with the DVLA;
road tax; and
a driver aged 17 or over (or 16 if the vehicle meets the definition of a moped – see section 108 of the RTA 1988) with:
a suitable safety helmet;
appropriate insurance; and
a driving licence that authorises the use of that vehicle.

If you have any information or would like any advice on police matters PCSO 3183 Vince Whitrow or myself would be more than happy to discuss this with you Our contact telephone number is 01284 774100

Our e mail addresses are are or

Please remember that there are occasions when we on rest days for 4 days so if your call is of an urgent nature please ask to speak to any officer on duty.

Thanks very much
PC 466 Dave Clark

Flowton News

Several of us went to Bernard’s licensing as our priest and we have since introduced him to our style of PCC meeting! – and the long chats that follow afterwards!

We are now getting ready for the fete and then on Saturday September 12th it is the annual Suffolk Historic Churches Cycle Ride – could you find sponsors and ride for us?
Or even walk round some of the churches?
Or, sit in church to welcome cyclists who come to visit us on their way round?

Half the sponsorship raised is returned to the cyclist/walker’s designated church.

If you feel able to help, please contact Wilma Watkins, or look in church for forms and details. Thank you.

Sunday September 27th is Flowton Harvest Festival at 4pm, followed by tea at 4.45pm.

There will be a Harvest Workshop for the children on Saturday September 26th at 10.00am in the church.

Flowton Harvest Supper is Friday 23rd October – more details later



Vicar’s Licensing 2 June – A most important event occurred on 2 June when The Rev Cannon Bernard Rose was licensed by The Right Rev Clive Young, Bishop of Dunwich, in Barking Church to be our new priest-in-charge. This follows a period of 16 months in which we have had no resident priest, otherwise referred to as an ‘interregnum’. Offton offers a very warm welcome to Bernie and his wife Janet. They have taken up residence in the vicarage at Willisham. See ‘Church Fact File’ below for more

Summer Fete 13 June – By the time that this July issue of the Link appears in your letterbox, this eagerly awaited annual event will have been held in the church grounds. Offton church relies on the fete as a core event to bring people together and to raise funds to keep our ancient church is such fine condition, so to those of you who attended to enjoy what was on offer we offer our thanks. A report on the Fete will be included in next month’s Link.

Open Gardens 12 July – There can be no excuse for missing what will be an excellent and interesting day for anyone vaguely interested in gardening. Refreshments will be available at various locations, and the toilet in the church will also be open. A Songs of Praise service will follow the delights of nature and hard work by owners of the gardens that you will have been lucky to enjoy.

Harvest Festival 13 September – Please make a note of this event that will take place soon after the summer holidays. This service, when we thank God for his bounty of food, will be held at 5.30 pm in Offton Church. All offerings of produce will be passed to the Salvation Army in
Stowmarket for distribution to those in need who are far less fortunate than most of us, and are finding life so hard at this time.
Church Fact File

The Rev Cannon Bernard Rose is the new resident priest-in-charge for our benefice of churches which includes the parishes of Offton with
Willisham, Somersham with Flowton, Ringshall with Battisford, Barking with Darmsden and Gt Bricett. This is a huge undertaking covering eight active parish churches together with a combined population of around 2,500. An inner city church may well have a parish of several times that number of people but with only one church to worry about.

Our benefice covers a very large rural area. Each of the eight churches endeavours to hold a regular cycle of services for all parishioners’ needs including morning family, communion, evensong, wedding, baptism and funeral services, as well as special services at other times of the Christian calendar such as Christmas, Easter, Harvest Festival and so on. And all churches want to have their priest-in-charge to officiate as much as possible. So ‘Bernie’ is going to be a very busy vicar.

It was not always like this. Looking back around a century, we find that on 29 June 1904, The Rev Albert Bosanquet was inducted as Vicar for just Offton and Gt Bricett following a 10 months interregnum. Even then, there appears to have been a shortage of people becoming clergymen. Back then, the village school was still in full swing, and the reports show that the teachers and the pupils of Offton School lined the path from the Vicarage to the church for the induction service.

The picture on the following page records all vicars since William Bottulfe arrived in 1537. However, there were many more going back to the first appearance of Offton church around 1,000 years ago.

Now we have another name to add to a long list.


Church Services
Please note that there will be no Evening Prayer Service at Willisham on Sunday 12th July. Instead, we shall be joining our friends at Offton Church for their Songs of Praise.

Church Fete
We look forward to seeing everyone at Crow Hall on Saturday 11th July at 2.00 pm. Please see separate poster for details.

Village Walk
The attendance this year broke all records. One hundred people took part in the walk on Saturday 9th May. We are extremely grateful to John Minns, who organised the walk, and to Leita and Jenny, who provided very welcome hospitality at Holly Tree Cottage. Thanks also to Richard, who prepared and led the walk with John, and to Richard Cage for sharing his knowledge of the woodland. A total of £532.50 was raised for Willisham Church.

Coffee Morning and Nearly New Sale
A very successful event was held at Foxgloves on Saturday 23rd May. Many thanks to all involved for their hard work and
contributions, and to those who gave donations. A total of £363.35 was raised for church funds.

Christian Aid
Thank you to everyone who generously donated to this most worthy charity. A total of £266.74 was raised in Willisham.



From 2.00 pm

Stalls Games


Refreshments Raffle

Elmsett Fellowship Brass Band

Competitions Rides


Exhibition of local photographs


Enjoy a good afternoon and meet your friends



The club members and guests celebrated the end of the season and managing to stay in division 1 with a meal at the Bramford Cock, a good meal and a pleasant evening were enjoyed by all. Tributes were paid to our team captain Marion for getting us through a tough season.
The Summer League has started and in the summer we play against different teams from those we meet in the winter.

We began our campaign with a home match against Kelsale, the match was hard fought against tough opposition, both teams won two games, but O/W had the better shots score, 47-34 so we won the match 6 points to 4.

For our next encounter we travelled to Little Bealings, a fairly new club who have only played in the league for a couple of years, they have come on strongly and have some good players, we managed to win one game and draw one, so we lost the match 3 points to 7, the evening ended, as usual, with some tasty refreshments and friendly chat.

For our third match we entertained Martlesham, again good opponents, there was some good play by both teams, but the advantage of playing on our home mats showed in the end, and O/W won the match 8 points to 2. At the end our visitors were entertained with the usual tea and sandwiches etc.

For our fourth match of the season we visited Old Felixstowe, again a tough team to take points from on their own mats, one team managed a good win, so we came away with 2 points, the match score being 2 points to 8 for Old Felixstowe, once again the home team provided some lovely refreshments, including a wonderful cream sponge!!

In the middle of June the club has arranged a boat trip on the river Deben, followed by a meal at the Maybush, to which we are all looking forward. This should set us up nicely for the second half of the season.

Once again we welcome new members as you can see we have social events as well as playing bowls, we need some new blood to strengthen our team, experience not required, why not give it a try? For more information call Valerie on 01473 657023.

Offton and Willisham Parish Council
Councillors re-elected Mike Bolton and Keith Earl to serve another year as Chairman and Vice Chairman.
Also appointed as Council representatives:-

Suffolk Association of Local Councils    Lois Seddon 
Tree warden   Colin Pinson Roxburgh
Village Hall Management Committee   Chris Storey and Colin Pinson Roxburgh 
Transport   Alison Rumsey
Wattisham Liaison Group  Mike Bolton
Footpaths   David Cattermole (Offton), 
Keith Earl ( Willisham)

Sunday 2nd August 2-6pm
Tollemache Hall Gardens
are open in aid of the Red Cross.

Access signed off Ringshall Road or down Offton Channel.

Plenty of free parking, plant stall, homemade teas.

Entrance £3, children enter free.

Suffolk Punches on view
Including Michael Tollemache’s 2year old Clemhill Anya, who was Supreme Champion Suffolk Punch at the recent Suffolk Show.


Somersham Baptist Church

Regular Sunday Morning Programme (You are welcome to join us for all or part of the morning).
10.00-10.30 Prayer Meeting
10.45-11.15 Bible Study
11.30-12.00 Worship
12.00-12.30 Sermon

Other Meetings
Children and Young People (During term time)
Wednesday Club: 6.30-7.30pm for primary school children;
14+ Fridays: 8.00 - 9.30pm Year 9 upwards.
Meetings for Ladies:
Women’s Fellowship: 2.30pm Friday 10th July.
Friends and Neighbours: 7.45pm Monday 20th July.

Contact Mark if you need transport.
Meetings are held at the Baptist Chapel, Chapel Lane,
Somersham IP8 4QE.
Pastor Mark Newcombe, 01473 831940,
mobile: 07930543583,

CHURCH SERVICES in our 8 linked parishes

If you think there may be a mistake in the rota please contact your Churchwarden.

Please contact a Churchwarden if you think that there is a mistake in the listing. Thank you.

5th July 4th Sunday after Trinity

Family Communion (Canon S Ritchie) 9.00am Flowton

Holy Communion

9.30am Willisham
Holy Communion 11.15am Somersham
Morning Prayer 11.15am Battisford
Evening Prayer 3.00pm Barking

12th July 5th Sunday after Trinity

Holy Communion 8.00 am Flowton

Family Service

10.00 am Somersham
Holy Communion 10.00am Bricett
Holy Communion 11.15am Barking
Family Service 11.15 am Battisford
Evening Prayer 6.30pm Offton

19th July 6th Sunday after Trinity

Holy Communion 8.00am Somersham
Family Service 10.00am Offton
Family Service 10.00am Barking
Holy Communion 11.15 am Battisford
No Service

26th July 7th Sunday after Trinity

Holy Communion 9.30am Ringshall
No Service   Flowton
Holy Communion + baptism 11.00am Offton
Evening Prayer +baptisms 3.00pm Barking
Evening Prayer John Andreason 6.30pm Somersham

At the time of going to print we do not know the services for August when the pattern is often different.
Please watch the noticeboards or ask the churchwardens if your Link does not arrive in time.


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