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Offton & Willisham PC


Oct 2, 9 Christine Cooper +all help for Harvest
16, 23 Josie Iron
30, Nov 6 Judith Newman
Cleaning: Team A

Oct 2, 9 Mrs Grimwood
16, 23 Mrs Ward
30, Nov 6 Mrs Turner
Cleaning: Mr & Mrs A. Munson

Oct 2, 9 Mrs Elaine Martin
16, 23 Mrs Gay Tollemache
30, Nov 6 Mrs Lucy Vignoles
Cleaning: Bellringers

Oct 2 Mrs Large
9, 16 Mrs Southall +all help for Harvest
23, 30 Mrs Hardman
Nov 6, 13 Mrs Fisher

Somersham Church Notes

There's a report on the "Somersham on Show" weekend, along with the other villages' summer fundraising events, elsewhere in the Link.

Many thanks to everyone who helped man the church for the Suffolk Historic Churches Bike Ride on 10th September.

Harvest Festival will be on Sunday 9th October at 10am. As usual we are very grateful for any gifts that are brought to the service; these will be taken afterwards to the Women's Refuge.

Looking ahead, the Christmas Bazaar will be on Saturday 3rd December, with all the usual attractions. We hope Father Christmas will be able to drop in to see the children too!

An evening of musical entertainment is planned for Friday 9th December. There'll be more details next month, but put the date on your calendar.

Mother's Union

This month on Wednesday, 12th October we have arranged to share a meeting with the Barham MU in their church and hall. We are delighted to welcome as our speaker Gillian Berry whose subject will be 'The Iona Community'. This promises to be a most interesting afternoon and an added bonus will be a selection of bead jewellery which she will bring with her to sell (we will have our Christmas present lists in mind perhaps?) As ever we invite any friends to join us and transport will leave at 1.30pm. Contact 658330 with any queries.

Somersham & District Community Association.

Sorry for the long gap in reports folks. I got in a total muddle with the deadlines for the Link because of the combined August and September issue. The main gist of the last meeting was that there were no volunteers to take on any of the officer posts. That really was a surprise! Mike Shelmerdine reported on the state of the finances for the Playing Field Project. MSDC have confirmed the grant to buy the extra land. Onyx has turned us down but the Foundation for Sports & Arts has come up trumps. A local firm is going to do the fencing and quotes are awaited for the Arena. The Parish Council offered to purchase a seat and a waste bin to put near the play equipment in addition to the grant already offered, a gesture that is very much appreciated. A good deal of maintenance has been carried out on the Pavilion, much of it replacements for vandalised fittings. What is it with these pathetic creatures that have to destroy things in order to enjoy themselves?

Maintenance on the improved playing field and general housekeeping is going to be more important in the future. How about all user clubs and users from the village getting together to form a team, each member to do an hour a week on litter picking, general care and prevention? If you take the kiddies to the park, take a plastic bag and bring away any litter. Every little helps. We will have to empty the litterbins as MSDC won't empty bins that are not on the roadside. The football pitch and the speedway area are looked after by the users, what we need now is someone for the play area and the new arena. The surrounds of the village hall always look immaculate. Perhaps there is someone in the village who would like to take on the playing field in the same way either on a voluntary basis or for a small remuneration if the CA funds will run to it.

If you want a fete next year, you really have got to offer to help Clair. Having someone willing to organise a team for a thing like this is like finding a pot of gold; don't waste the opportunity.

Meetings of the S&DCA are held on the 2nd Thursday of alternate months. The next one is Oct 13th then Dec 8th, Jan 12th and so on. All are welcome.

Offers of help to Mike Shelmerdine, 831661; Terry Fordham 831529; Steve Woolhouse 831080 or Derek Ottoway 832562.

Nicky Heming

The Sulby Studio
Somersham Open Gardens 2005
Just to let everyone know that the winner of the raffle held at the Sulby Studio in aid of St Mary's was Heather Dickerson from Springfield Road. From a choice of one of four limited edition prints Heather chose "Dockside Reflections". Thanks very much to the young lady who pulled the winning ticket, to Doreen Nichols and Bill Heming for their help, the artists who provided paintings, those who organised the event and all the visitors to the art exhibition. Artists love to talk about their paintings just like gardeners love to talk about their gardens so it was a treat for me also. Hopefully next time the garden will look less like a building site. The studio welcomes visitors all year round, just give me ring before you arrive on 01473 831594.

Nicky Heming

Pupils of Somersham piano teacher Mrs Lynne Holton have passed the following Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music examinations:

In the theory exams - Elishia Butler, Danielle Chester-Flatt and Rachel Dickerson all passed Grade 1 with Distinction; Jane Hakes passed grade 3 with Distinction (gaining 100% marks!); David Wade passed Grade 4 with Distinction and Alice Wilden passed Grade 4 with Merit.

In the practical exam - Lauren Hunnibell passed Grade 1 with Distinction; Holly Fifield and Emily Mayhew also passed Grade 1 with Merit; Alice Wilden passed Grade 3 with Merit and Georgia Butler gained a Pass in Grade 3.

Well done to all pupils - keep working hard.

Somersham & District Community Association

Playingfield Improvement Project - Update

The project committee is still working hard with the behind the scenes activity necessary to move forward with the next phases of the project. Following the new play equipment will be perimeter fencing and an all weather multi sports arena. Hopefully by the time you read this you will see some activity on these fronts.

Also, we have instructed solicitors to move forward with the purchase of the extra land.

On the search for funding we have another contributor on board which makes our list of funders :

* Living Spaces
* County Councillor, Ros Scott
* Somersham Parish Council
* Section 106 contribution
* Biffaward
* Mid Suffolk District Council
* Suffolk Environmental Trust
* The Foundation for Sport and the Arts

This gives us total promised funding of £146,100. This is certainly enough to complete all our major objectives and, with some careful management, perhaps the whole plan. However, we will continue to look for additional funding opportunities.

If you would like to know more about the project or would like to HELP please contact any of the following:
Terry Fordham - Tel 831529 Mike Shelmerdine - Tel 831661
Steve Woolhouse - Tel 831080 Richard Fordham - Tel 423792
Derek Ottaway - Tel 832562

Somersham Village Hall

As there has not been an increase in the cost of hiring the village hall since 2003, the committee agreed at the AGM that there should be an increase in the fees as from 01/01/2006.
The new fees will be:

Non-residents: Residents:
Hall £9 per hour (evenings) £7
£8 per hour (day) £5.50
£160 (full day) £110
£120 (Sat evening) £80
Committee Room £5 (per hour) £3.50
  (per session) £7

Greetings from the South of France to all our family and friends in and around Somersham

Following a difficult year, but a fine send off from both old friends and family and choir members, we finally set off from Somersham on Friday 15th July. Our only stop before the crossing for France, was a couple of days to see Sophie and Tom, and for Eddie to do a little work in their new home - a barge on the Kennet and Avon Canal.

With our first campsite previously booked, we arrived at Cognac-la-Foret, a tiny village outside Limoges in Limousin, for a 2 week stay and general 'unwind'. The area was beautiful-very green, hilly and totally unspoiled. Our very basic French had soon to come into play, because in this lovely rural area, the English language was somewhat lacking! We enjoyed many drives through the countryside and a visit into Limoges, the main city. Here there were some fine old buildings, as well as a huge, glass state-of-the-art library, where we had hoped to have a good while on the Internet, but the queues made this difficult.

The day out that most sticks in our mind was a visit to Oradour-Sur-Glane. A small town razed to the ground by the S.S. during the 2.W.W. This took place a couple of days after D. Day, and over 600 men, women and children were murdered. The town remains exactly as it was left, after the slaughter, and is a grim reminder of war.

Our next port of call was Lot-et-Garonne, just south of Bergerac. This area felt distinctly southern, sunny, light, with vineyards and sunflowers growing in abundance. Here we met Margaret's (from Gunn's Farm) niece and her husband. This kind English couple, who have lived and worked in the region for several years, gave us much food for thought regarding living and working in France.

During mid-august we joined family members and enjoyed 2 weeks on the Ardeche-Provence border. This region proved stunning with vineyards, orchards and every kind of fruit growing. Truly a land of 'milk and honey'.

Whilst there, fun was had canoeing along the amazing Ardeche Gorge, and ascending Mount Ventoux, the highest peak in Provence at nearly 2000metres. (I have to say the climb was by car!) It did prove quite scary at the top however, as it was covered in cloud with much wind and rain!!

I could write so much more, for instance, the wildlife spotted during our trip to the Camargue, but I think this is enough for the moment! We are now on our way to meet Terry and Gill Fordham, further east in Provence.

Au revoir,
Mary and Eddie Fagg.

Mary & Eddie at their benefice choir farewell

The Round Up of our Summer

For Offton's Church Fete on Saturday, 11th June it was cold but the weather did not stop anyone milking the cow or joining in the other games. Not surprisingly all the hot dogs were consumed but despite the temperature a lot of ice cream was enjoyed. The teas were popular and it did not rain!!

As usual the bears were having fun on the tower earning their certificates. There were plants a plenty and home made bread as well as cakes on the cake stall. Bric a brac disappeared at a rate with the puzzles and soft toys particularly popular. The tombola was a sell out; the raffle prizes enjoyed by the lucky at the end of the afternoon.

Impossible to name everyone who helped and joined in but a huge thank you to all concerned - the final figure of money raised was £876 for Church funds

Lucy Vignoles

On Sunday afternoon, 26th June at Flowton the sun shone brilliantly on our traditional Village Fete - and also on the delightful volunteers who were almost queuing up for the privilege of receiving an instant shower in the 'wet seat'!

Cream teas, ice creams, home-made cakes and jams sold in vast quantities and great fun was had by all who enthusiastically partook in the various games and competitions for both children and adults.

The huge variety of stalls and games were very well supported - never have so many white elephants been seen in Flowton, not even when Bostock's Circus used Bush farm for their winter quarters!

THANK YOU to all concerned in planning, running and supporting the event in so many different ways. As well as raising a terrific £1,000 it further reinforced the close community spirit which Flowtonians enjoy

Nick Carter

Fund Raising Events in 2005

Glorious weather greeted visitors to the "Somersham on Show" weekend of 9th/10th July, and there was a wide variety of attractions to interest them. The photographic display in the church was fascinating, and brought back many memories. Then there were the beautiful gardens through the village demonstrating what can be achieved with many hours of love and labour! The garden railway was a real hit with the boys, both young and old. Visitors lingered over the art display, marvelling at others' talents, and bargains were picked up at the tabletop sales. The Baptist church displayed an interesting exhibition as well as providing welcome refreshments. A very happy atmosphere was obvious over the weekend, and the hard work of all who organised the weekend was worthwhile. Many thanks to everyone involved in anyway and of course to all who visited and spent their money. A magnificent profit of £1075 was raised for church funds. Thank you!

Pat Woolhouse

Following the torrential thunderstorm we experienced at last year's fete it was not surprising that there was much anxious reading of the long range weather forecast in the days leading up to Willisham's Fete at Crow Hall.

However, we needn't have worried as the 16th July dawned warm and sunny and by 2.00pm all was prepared. We had VE Day as our theme and many of the stall holders were in 1940's costume. Unfortunately a change in insurance regulations meant that we were unable to have tractor rides but there were plenty of other attractions including fishing, a photographic display, refreshments and live music from Stacks of Sax. There was even a quiz to attempt over a cup of tea.

At the end of the day it was agreed that the afternoon had been a great success socially and with £900 raised for church funds, a financial success as well. Thanks to all our supporters.

Frances Gilson

Offton Church News

We hope everyone had a good summer and enjoyed the September sunshine. We look forward to seeing you at the winter events in Offton. Watch this space for further information next month.

Open Garden

There was a very successful and happy garden opening at Tollemache Hall in aid of the Red Cross and the sum of £1,410.55 was raised.

The Wildlife in our gardens

Both Terry P and Terry L in Flowton report the successful breeding this year of flycatchers in their respective gardens. Readers will be delighted to know too that the swallows who have had such problems with their nest building over the passed couple of years have managed to rear a couple of fledglings at last!

Good numbers of both green and gold finches have been sighted together with big groups of both housemartine and swallows - the latter no doubt preparing to leave us shortly.

The year has not been good for butterflies due almost certainly to the particularly cold and windy months in early summer. There were two hummingbird hawk moths in Flowton just before going to print for this issue - always a delight to watch - and a pretty good number of different dragon and mayflies are still active around our ponds too.

The Carters recently found a large beetle on their windowcill (approx ¾"), black with yellow zigzag strips, which Terry Proctor identified as a Sexton (or gravedigger). He explained that this beetle is rarely seen in the daytime but hunts at night for the carcases of dead birds or mice, excavating the soil beneath the prey until it drops down into the hole(hence the name 'gravedigger'!). The beetle then lays eggs in the carcase and when hatched the young feed on it -how clever is that!

All for now-next month we hope to bring a item from a young family in Flowton who have the pleasure of the company of a hedgehog in their garden. Our thanks as ever to anyone who contacts us with wildlife news and especially to our regulars - the two Flowton Terrys.


Church Fete
You will find a report of the afternoon in the Fete Round-up elsewhere in The Link. However, we would like to thank everyone who helped to make Willisham's fete such a happy and successful afternoon, including those who manned stalls and attractions, provided items for sale, gave donations, Jenny for acting as treasurer and, of course, Rod for providing the venue. £900 was raised for church funds.
The winner of the VE Day Quiz was Mrs. Lankester. A copy of the answers can be obtained from Frances Gilson.

Harvest Festival
Willisham's harvest festival takes place at 3.00pm on Sunday the 9th October. We look forward to welcoming you to the service, and will be very pleased to receive gifts (particularly non-perishable) to pass to the Salvation Army at Stowmarket. We will be decorating the church on the morning of Saturday the 8th October.

Church Appeal
We are planning to have a Gift Day during our harvest weekend, and a letter to this effect will be delivered to every house in the village. We hope you will take the time to read this, and to support the appeal.

Family Bonfire and Fireworks
Friday the 4th November at Crow Hall - see separate poster for full details.

Flower and Cleaning Rota
We are very grateful to the small band of people who keep our church clean and supplied with flowers throughout the year. It will soon be time to prepare the rota for 2006. If you are willing to have your name added to the list, please contact Frances Gilson.

Somersham Parish Council

October 2005

Parish Council Meetings

Wednesday 5th October 2005 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall
Wednesday 2nd November 2005 at 7.30pm in the Pavilion
Wednesday 7th December 2005 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall

Parish Council Vacancies
The Parish Council currently has 3 vacancies for Parish Councillors. Being a Councillor for the Parish Council allows you to help shape the future for the village and improve everyday life for the whole community.
If you would like to find out more, please contact any of the Councillors or the Clerk to the Council.

Rural Coffee Caravan
The Coffee Caravan made another successful visit to the village in August with more than a dozen people attending, plus 3 children who enjoyed playing some of the games held by the caravan. The Coffee Caravan is returning for a final visit this year on Wednesday 28th September from 10.30am - 12.30pm and will be located on Brook Way Green. Several people have been helped with information held in the caravan and others have just come along for a cup of tea or coffee and a chat. Whatever the reason come along and enjoy a warm welcome.

Sewerage Problems
Once again Somersham has suffered sewer surcharging in Main Road which is very unpleasant and a health hazard. The Parish Council are contacting Anglian Water to see what can be done to prevent further incidents, but in the meantime please try to help the situation by not putting bulky rubbish into the sewer and drains. Your co-operation would be appreciated by us all.

BT Payphone
The Parish Council has received notification that BT are proposing to re-align payphone provision to meet consumer demand which means that the payphone on Main Road may become a cashless kiosk for use by phone cards only.
The result of the review should be known by the end of this year when it is hoped that the availability of cards will also be clarified.

Images Magazine
Images magazine is published by Ipswich Arts Association on a bi-monthly basis for free issue from a wide range of outlets, including libraries, tourist information centres, museums art galleries etc. The next available issue will cover December/January and the deadline for copy is Friday October 28th. If you are part of an arts group please send in details of their arts events - approx 50 words - to Andrew Clark (Editor)
Images Magazine
71 Gainsborough Road
Suffolk IP11 7HS

Tele 01394 270541

Janet Clarke
Clerk to the Council
Tel. No. 01473 830398 E-mail:

Bus Times

You may be aware that a new bus timetable came into effect from 30th August. There is a copy of the new timetable on the noticeboard near the village shop.

Gospel Readings for our Sunday Worship taken from the Revised Common Lectionary. It is good to be sharing the reading of Scripture with Christians - both Catholic and Protestant - across the world.

2nd October 19th Sunday after Trinity Matthew 21. 33-end

9th October 20th Sunday after Trinity Matthew 22. 1-14

16th October 21st Sunday after Trinity Matthew 22. 15-22

23rd October Bible Sunday Matthew 24. 30-35

30th October 4th Sunday before Advent Matthew 24. 1-14
or Matthew 5. 1-12

From the Registers:
Welcome to
Morgan and Tyler Hornsby who were baptised on July 24th in Offton Church.
Also to
Harriet Fleur Smeaton, daughter of Rebecca and Simon and sister of Hannah, was baptised on July 24th in Flowton Church.
This family is soon to move into the house they are building in Flowton.
May they grow in faith
Congratulations to
Sarah Smith and Lee Beckley who were married at St. Mary's, Willisham on September 3rd.

We wish them many happy years together
Farewell to
Daphne Jeanne Mary Read of Brook Way, Somersham, who has died aged 81 years, and
whose funeral took place at Ipswich Crematorium on July 19th.
Also to
Peter Brookes Thomason of Offton, who has died aged 86 years.
His funeral took place at Ipswich Crematorium and St. Mary's Offton on August 25th.
May they rest in peace

Choir practice dates: October 15th, November 12th, and 26th all at 10.00am, in Flowton church. We would welcome new members for all voices. Contact Mary Carter on 658522 for more details.

November - a month for Remembrance

On the afternoon of Sunday November 6th, at Offton, there will be a Service for the Bereaved. (The time etc. will be finalised and advertised on posters around the villages.)

This is for all those in our 8 parishes who wish to remember loved ones who have died - whether in the last year, or several years ago. You will be able to have your loved one named during the service and for this to happen we would ask you to contact the Reverend Linden Fletcher (01473 657768) or Mrs Mary Carter (01473 658522), or one of your Churchwardens.

In many parishes a service such as this has been found to help and support parishioners, and we hope this will help our communities.

Flowton Church Notes

  • Harvest Supper on Friday 21st October and
  • A Suffolk Trivia Quiz on November 18th
    Tickets available from Diana (01473 658335), Margaret (658330) and Mary (658522).
  • October 12th is the date of the half-yearly Parish Meeting, 7.30pm in the Vestry.
  • November 18th - our special Trivia Quiz -or maybe not so trivial! - to be run by our friend John Minns in aid of Flowton church. It will have a Suffolk theme. More details later, but we have booked Somersham Village Hall so will have plenty of room for you and your friends to make up several teams we hope. Make up a team of six or come and join one on the night.
    The Harvest Supper is always a good time to get together and chat as we are warmly welcomed into the home of Graham and Diana Fawcus.

An extra item on the calendar this year is a Harvest Tea on Sunday October 2nd at 4.00pm, before the service of thanksgiving at 5.00pm We have several young families worshipping at Flowton now, and last year they were very much involved in the Harvest Thanksgiving Service. We should like to continue that, and thought that tea together and then an earlier service would be a good idea this year. The informal tea is open to anyone who would like to share in this part of the celebration. (There will be a chance for a "loo-call" in a nearby house before the service begins.)

Mrs Dunnett and Mrs Ward are now beginning to turn their thoughts towards the Flower Festival next year (June 17th and 18th). They would love to hear from anyone who has offered to help with the flowers concerning where they would like to help in the church. The theme is "The Seasons" so this might influence what you would like to do. Please at least make an initial contact - Mrs Dunnett on 652640 and Mrs Ward on 658377.

We have several new residents in the village - WELCOME to you all - we hope you will come to the Harvest Supper on October 21st at Flowton Hall and make many new friends.


Hope you all enjoyed the scarecrow weekend. As we write, the event hasn't happened so we hope it was successful.

Here are some dates for your diary
10th October - A.G.M. please feel free to come along

12th November - photos ready for Christmas

23rd November - Body Shop Party buy some presents for Christmas

Webb Ivory catalogues will be available from school if anyone wants to order from them (until half-term holiday)
More information on November events in next months issue of the Link.



Somersham have moved into a mid-table position following an improved run in the South East League.

We always go well at East London, it always rains and we always get lost! This year was no exception on any count. On track, the Stars attacked the conditions and were rewarded with a 10 point win. Andy Mittell was unbeaten and he received plenty of support.

Gt. Blakenham put out a strong line-up when we visited and there were no easy heats. Dave Palfreyman rode well but was again excluded for moving at the tapes. The 101-77 defeat didn't reflect the on-track effort.

Next up were Kesgrave, who we haven't beaten for years - but we have now. We needed to be at full strength to achieve the 5 point win, plus good performances from Gary Brown and Joshua Brooke.

The clash with Norwich proved a tricky one. We really missed the unavailable Mittells, and slumped 70-110. The visitors were very solid and we regularly failed to split their pairings.

Spixworth made a rare visit last month to face our junior team. Both sets of riders learned plenty as Stars won 86-74. Adam Cotterell made it look easy with a maximum, while Jack Barnes' gating was noteworthy.

Unlike some clubs, the Stars have stuck to the fixture list, but it does mean a quiet finish to the season. There are still individual events though including the final home meeting. This will be the annual club championship, and we hope to see all Somersham riders. The October date is still provisional at time of writing so please contact us or check the website for confirmation.

you can contact us via (01473) 831474, e-mail or take a look at the
new Somersham Cycle Speedway website:

CHURCH SERVICES in our 8 linked parishes

If you think there may be a mistake in the rota please contact your Churchwarden.

October 2nd 19th Sunday after Trinity

Holy Communion

9.30am Willisham (Canon Allen Willett)
Holy Communion 11.15am Somersham (Canon A. Willett)
Harvest Festival 11.15am Battisford (Revd. K Glass)
Harvest Festival 3.00pm Barking (Bill Dewhurst, Tools With A Mission)
Harvest Tea 4.00pm Flowton
Harvest Festival 5.00pm Flowton (Bill Dewhurst, TWAM)

October 9th 20th Sunday after Trinity

Holy Communion
8:00am Flowton
Harvest Festival 10.00am Somersham
Holy Communion 10.00am Bricett
Holy Communion 11.15am Barking
Family Service 11.15am Battisford
Harvest Festival 3.00pm Willisham (Bill Dewhurst TWAM)
Evening Prayer 6.30pm Offton

October 16th 21st Sunday after Trinity

Holy Communion 8.00am Somersham
Family Service + Communion by ext. 10.00am Offton
Family Service 10.00am Bricett

Holy Communion

11.15am Battisford
Evening Prayer 6.30pm Flowton

October 23rd Bible Sunday

Holy Communion 9.30am Ringshall
Morning Worship 10.00am Flowton
Holy Communion 11.00am Offton
Morning Prayer 11.15pm Barking
Evening Prayer 3.00pm Somersham

October 30th 4th Sunday before Advent

United Family Communion with Children's Activities and Coffee

10.00am Willisham
Preacher: Eldred Willey, East Anglian Co-ordinator, Christian Aid  

November 6th - Some of the services on this Sunday are at different times,

please contact Churchwardens or the Revd. L. Fletcher for details not available at the time of editing this Link.

Somersham Baptist Church

Tribute to Brenda Prime
On Thursday 28th July Brenda Prime was died tragically in a car crash at Bungay. 22years ago whilst Brenda's husband was Pastor at Great Blakenham Baptist Church she was the driving force behind beginning a meeting for Women at Somersham Baptist Church. I am sure some of you reading this remember her energy and enthusiasm. As a church we are indebted to her for commencing this ministry. Our prayers are for her husband Roger, and children Geoffrey, Nicola and Vanessa.

Our friends Harold and Linda Rushbrook are paying a flying visit to the UK from Romania where they support young people who have to leave orphanages at the age of 18. They visit us on Sunday 2nd October, and we have adapted our morning programme to make the most of the visit, Worship at 10.45am, followed by their report at 11.30am. Do join us for this.

Regular Sunday Morning Programme (You are welcome to join us for all or part of the morning).
10.00-10.30 Prayer Meeting (Communion 1st Sunday)
10.45-11.15 Bible Study
11.30-12.00 Worship
12.00-12.30 Sermon

Children and Young People (During term time)
Wednesday Club 6.30-7.30pm for primary school children.
14+ Friday's 8.00-9.30pm Year 9 upwards.
Pastor Mark Newcombe 01473 831940 e-mail
Colin Low 01473 464833 or Edwin Mayhew on 01473 658100. Web site


With the Summer League now drawn to a close and our last match contested on the very last day of the season; it is straight into the Winter League with a whole fixture list of matches to be played over the forthcoming months, together the 'Cup' and 'Plate' games.
In a general summing up of the Summer League it is to be said that Somersham enjoyed one of their most successful Summer League campaigns for a number of years. Whilst slightly tailing off in the latter stages, the Club were nonetheless worthy of 'second place' in the league behind Gt. Blakenham who were run-away winners in the final 'results table'.

Past Summer League (June/ July/ August) Results not previously reported include:-

Team Shots Points    
Gt. Blakenham 34 - 39 3 - 7 Won Home
Elmsett 35 - 53 4 - 6 Won Away
Hitcham 56 - 26 0 - 10 Won Home
Hitcham 33 - 36 3 - 7 Won Away
Polstead 47 - 39 6 - 4 Lost Away
Gt. Blakenham   10 - 0 Lost Away
Whatfield   7 - 3 Lost Home
Hadleigh 'B' 48 - 41 5 - 5 Draw Home

With invitation open to all and attention to the social side of the Club activities; several Club members joined together and took advantage of the sunny summer weather in August to thoroughly enjoy a day's visit to Bressingham Steam Museum, including Sunday lunch.

New changes to the rules for the Winter league mean that all teams - if penalties are to be avoided - are now required to 'field' full team squads of 4 x 4 bowlers (16 players). With this in mind the Club have arrangements in hand at the Village Hall for an afternoon of "carpet bowls" on:-
Sunday 2nd. October 2005 between 2.00pm - 5.00pm
purely for the purposes of promoting the Club and attracting new bowlers. It's free - so why not surprise yourself, come along and try your hand… …"You don't have worry about the weather - No need to be an expert ... and we are a friendly lot ... so come and have a cuppa and biscuit, and an enjoyable few hours rolling some woods".
Everybody Welcome

Somersham Gardening Club

Next Meeting: Monday 10th October, 7.30 pm at Somersham Village Hall

Talk by Keith Bullock entitled 'Bulbs throughout the Year'.

(Members will recall visiting Keith's super garden at Cotton that in May last year).

Guests and new members always warmly welcomed.

The Childrens' Society

The time has come, once again, to open the Society boxes.

Can you please take your box to any of the Harvest Festival services for Sam to collect. If you are unable to attend any of the services please call either Sam on 01473 657037 or Lucy on 01473 658480 to make an alternative arrangement. The Society is very grateful for all donations as without them they would not be able to help any of our most vulnerable children. If you do not have a box and would like to have one please let Sam or Lucy know.


A very enjoyable time was had at our dance on 9th July at Crow Hall. Approximately £470.00 was raised for funds. Our thanks to Rodney Holder, all who helped on the day, and those who attended the event.

Also the Village Hall is now the proud owner of 15 smart new tables thanks to the generosity of Offton and Willisham Parish Council who purchased and donated them to the Management Committee.

Offton Church 'Magical Musical Moments' 2005-6 Concert Season

We have already been asked if the programme has been set for this season's series of candlelit concerts at Offton Church. The answer is YES -so if you want to put dates in your diaries, here are the first two;

Saturday 3rd December - The nationally acclaimed Ipswich School Chapel Choir and Chamber Orchestra will present a varied programme to warm us up for Christmas.
Saturday 11th February- A night to remember - Brass Quartet -have you ever tried to play a tuba??? Now's your chance!!!

Remember Maartje's Fantastic Food, Pieter's Perfect Wine….?

Tickets; £8.00 ( to include food and wine)
Any pre bookings or enquiries to
Helen Thorne 01473 658818
Maartje Rondeboom 01473 658024



A total of £352.00 was raised at the garage sale held in July for the Ipswich and District Animal Welfare. We wish to thank everyone who donated items and also those who purchased goods. A special thanks to Sheila, Derek and Angela. The remaining items have been given to the Ipswich and District Animal Welfare, P.D.S.A. and The British Heart Foundation.

Heather Dickinson

Suffolk Aid to Romania
Sunday morning car boot sales Claydon High School Playing Fields 8am-1pm (sellers 7am) Church lane, Claydon (Near the Crown Pub) Well signposted.

Plenty of car parking space, toilets, food. Great location. Cars £5, vans and cars with trailers £7. Every Sunday. No need to book.
Enquiries to Lee or Anna-Maria 01473-833292.

Offton Church News

We hope everyone had a good summer and enjoyed the September sunshine. We look forward to seeing you at the winter events in Offton. Watch this space for further information next month.

Open Garden

There was a very successful and happy garden opening at Tollemache Hall in aid of the Red Cross and the sum of £1410.55 was raised.

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